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Data Records movement from MCEX –> RSA7 via V3 job ::

Applies to:

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (formerly BI). This has been tested and working fine on SAP BI 7.0 version.

Applicable for other BW versions as well.

Summary :

This document will show how the MCEX queues are cleared by the V3 jobs and move the data to RSA7 (Bw Delta Queue).

Author: Arpit Khandelwal.

Company: Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.

Author Bio:


Arpit Khandelwal is a SAP BI Consultant currently working with Accenture Services Private Limited. He has 2.7 years of experience in  BW/BI implementation and support projects. He has been particularly involved in SAP BW Archiving Activities. Major area of work involves with the extraction of R/3 data from LO and FI datasources.

Basic Scenario ::

Basically the new system which has been handed to you has lot of data already in MCEX queues. This data needs to be pulled in BW system after the loading of Historical data via set-up tables.

Initially, we have the following records in SMQ1 (Outbound Queue).


To run the V3 job, go to LBWE ; click on Job Control.


Click on Start Date.


Select the next option as per requirement. In our case, we went for immediate.


Check and save the setting. Now click on Print Parameters option and assign the Local Printer for the printing.

It will show a warning but you can click to proceed ahead.


Click on Schedule job toschedule the V3 job. In our case, it was done for Plant Maintenance flow (17).

Showing the three phases of the job run to showcase the movement of data from MCEX queue to RSA7 queue.

Phase 1::


Phase 2::


Phase 3 ::


Through observing the three phases we come to know that MCEX queue will be always receiving some amount of data anytime because user postings are not stopped in the system.

When the V3 job is initiated, it will start with that moment for the number of records in the MCEX queue and start pulling the records from the MCEX queue to RSA7 queue.

Once the job gets completed, there will be gradual rise in the LUW’s available in the RSA7 by the data moved from the MCEX queue which in turn will keep the MCEX queue not overloaded. Ultimately, the data from RSA7 can be moved to BW (through delta loads).

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