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SCN Leaders

This is my first blog:

I felt few things based on my experience about the SAP SCN leaders.

I first of all like to thank the SAP SCN leaders for their valuable contribution to the entire SAP community.

I have worked in different countries.  To which ever country I travelled, seen my colleagues, juniors and seniors Googled and found majority of their problems resolved or got the right direction to negotiate the route to drill down the issues.

But in my observation, whenever I tried to Google the business critical issues, found either “Not answered” or “Assumed Answered” or even no one has replied.

When I see this felt bit amused, not because the leaders has not taken the initiative to help in resolution but amused about human psychology, they must have felt why we should jeopardise our minds in going to understand the details and give our opinions or they themselves don’t know or don’t want to share this, then I question “What kind of leaders you are”?

There is an another class of guys who just copied the matter and presented, and few of them just asked the reasons, or some query, but when they get the answer, has not shown any further interest in helping the guys.

I know it is my battle and I have to fight alone, but then we are all sharing here, and that case is it not the responsibility of the leaders to leave the easiest questions for the new comers and tough to take?

What happens if a new guy wants to take the top marks of the month by just attempting to help much junior guys?

Is SAP SCN leaders are threatened by the new guys hogging their positions, and for which they are ready to answers the same issue 100 times tirelessly without attempting to or even touch the issues which were never resolved or even attempted?

What I like to request the leaders here is, now take up the difficult issues or the issues even juniors could not respond and lead us.

The top contributor position is only a subjective thing but not the ultimate, ultimate is, how much difficult tasks we have shouldered.

I also like to apologise here if I have hurt ones feeling and yes for my grammar if something is not right.



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  • Hi Sridhar,

    I don't know whether you read my blog - Completing 10 Glorious Years - #SCNis10

    Or not? Where I stated,

    "Why it is essential to have a meaningful community?"

    In addition to that, hope you understand most of the people who contribute on SCN are volunteer.

    As per Bing Dictionary "Volunteers" means, somebody who works for nothing: somebody who works without being paid; somebody acting voluntarily: somebody who does something voluntarily, especially something undesirable

    Most of us contribute here by taking out some quality time from our personal life. So, don't out-rightly blame people, who like to help you voluntary. Even a question can be hint for you to proceed further. If discussion are not discussed properly, then there is fair probability that OP participation is minimum or negligible.

    For sure, I agree,

    "The top contributor position is only a subjective thing but not the ultimate, ultimate is, how much difficult tasks we have shouldered."

    There are some other interesting discussion, you like to see:

    - Participate intensely...and then go in to oblivion

    - Why I participate in SCN?

    Thanks, JP

    • Hi JP,

      I have very high regards for all the volunteers and yes I understand the meaning of it.

      Most of us contribute here by taking out some quality time from our personal life.

      My only aim with this blog is to use those quality time for the quality cause. lets agree, the senior members can take difficult issue and junior or who are quite enthusiastic lets encourage them to participate more and if they fail to answer the tough, then great guns should blaze.

      Once again I have very high regards for the people who started there career when SAP was started.



  • But in my observation, whenever I tried to Google the business critical issues, found either “Not answered” or “Assumed Answered” or even no one has replied.

    Hi Sridhar

    I have been working as SAP SD support consultant since 2009 and most of the times I got answers or at least some hint to my critical and complicated issues. You can see in my content that there are very few questions which I have asked in almost 5 years.

    If we don't get anything about any critical business issue you can search on SAP service market place as well because that issue might have some programming error and SAP has released a note for that.

    I don't know about other areas but in SD in last whole year there were only two times when we were not able to solve the issue and we asked the OP to raise an OSS note. I remember only two issues but I hope there may be more which I didn't notice. There are many senior members who have tons of knowledge and they share their knowledge expertise for nothing as rightly explained by JP.

    Thank you for sharing your views 🙂


  • I understand how it can be frustrating to look for answers and only find threads that haven't been responded too or are still open.

    SCN is a community and everyone plays their part: leaders, moderators and even regular visitors.

    Everyone should make a consistent effort to close discussion threads they have created by ether marking another member's reply as correct or sharing the solution they may have found on their own and then closing the thread.

    Have you recently gone through threads you have opened to close any that are still open? Here where you can look: > My Open Discussions  ( ℹ This link will brink all members to their open discussion threads.)

    • I defenitely like you point Jason. I will review them and close them, but in general, when ever I have satisfactory reply I tend to close them with an award and thanking them, or, I also close the issue "How I resolved it".

      I forgot to add a point where some participants close saying "Resolved", but they just dont bother to tell HOW.

  • +1 to the comments above, but also I'd like to call you out on this - can you give us a specific example when you found only unanswered questions? Let's see some proof.

    On the old site we actually had a special filter 'questions with no replies' and I sometimes used it to check on the questions that had no answers for a while. Unfortunately we lost this functionality on the new site (although there already is an idea posted to get it back), but from what I remember in most of those questions it was either not clear what OP was asking or it was some very specific request for which there might as well be no anwser on SCN. Interestingly, when I tried to answer those with my limited knowledge, it sometimes actually infuriated OP, so now I'm more inclined to skip it. For example, just recently someone posted a question in SD that didn't have enough detail and I responded (pointing out that fact) and literally got back "ur not helping". That's just not a good use of everyone's time.

    • Hi Jelena,

      Thanks for your response, and sure I will make it a point now on to dig those critical questions for leaders to look into, and I would try my best to analyze them on my own as well.

      Let me assure you here, I have my self at several occasions, given the resolutions or to the unanswered questions, if I was able to , added my replies which were even closed because there was no response or responses were not enough.