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SAP HANA Developer Edition v1.7.70

It’s live now and we already see people talking about it! We are excited to announce that SAP HANA SPS7 revision 70 is now available as the new developer edition.

The process works just like before however we’ve made some massive changes! Now it’s also a reason you don’t immediately see an “update” volume either. We added so much content pre-loaded, new configuration settings and a whole brand new experience that an “update” would probably conflict with your existing systems and cause you lots of problems.

The first thing we did was put up the brand new SAP HANA Studio, here. Some of you will notice that there is no Mac version there. This is because we don’t have a supported Mac version at the moment however it’s already on it’s way with some very cool features for all of us Mac users out there. Internally we are already testing it and getting things squared away.

Next we only actually updated the AWS images for revision 70. Several reasons for this but that we can save for another discussion. SPS7 is available on two sizes and again is fully pre-configured to meet the needs of any developer and even has pre-loaded content from Thomas Jung and Rich Heilman to help you get started as quickly as possible.

  • 4 vCPU’s, 34.2GB RAM 154GB disk
  • 8 vCPU’s, 68.4GB RAM 154GB disk

We’ve also modified the instance to run the XS Engine through port 80, so no need to worry about changing or re-configuring port numbers or anything like, and this time once you start your instance you can copy the hostname to your browser and instead of the traditional “XS Engine is running” screen you’ll now be prompted to login using the user “SYSTEM” and the default password “manager” and you’ll get a quick start landing page with some links already in place to get you moving along!

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 5.27.38 PM.png

Some of the configuration changes we made were automatically enabling the debugger, developer_mode and more as well as giving “SYSTEM” some of the default roles necessary to use a lot of the built in tools like the XS Web IDE, ADMIN, transport system, etc.

We are very excited about this change and we hope you enjoy it as well!

Grab your new developer edition today, just 10 quick steps to start the process!

  1. Go to (you can use your existing Amazon login) and be sure to sign up (you gotta give them your credit card number) for Amazon EC2 (Elastic Computing Cloud)
  2. Once you have signed up in be sure to go to your management console and on the left side select EC2 – once this page loads you will need to select the region you are working or will be working in (top right corner) – for example “Ireland” for the EU
  3. On the left side scroll down until you see “key pairs” here you will need to create one – the reason for this is if you have large datasets or want to install the R language you’ll need this to jump onto the server. The name of the key pair can be whatever you want.
  4. Now select your “account” page within Amazon AWS and copy your account ID to the clipboard.
  5. Now head over to and choose the HANA section (oh make sure you are logged in)
  6. At the top of the HANA section you’ll see the current SP and Revision that is available. Choose the “Developer Edition” if you go direct to Amazon you’ll get our productive instance which has an additional 0.99 USD per hour charge. You’ll also want to download the HANA Studio and HANA Client from here as well. The Studio is how we interact with the HANA Server (admin, monitoring, development, modeling) the Client is needed for native development, connecting to local tools (e.g. Excel)
  7. We have multiple hosts that provide the servers but in this case we’ll sign up for the AWS one
  8. Enter your Account ID that you copied earlier and select the region you chose as well then “Accept” the license.
  9. You will be redirected to AWS once your information is verified.
  10. Then follow the wizard
Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 5.27.38 PM.png
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  • First impression - using Studio rev.70 with Hana AWS Developer SPS07 is a really snappy, quick and slick development experience, it seems there have been some real performance improvements made as the IDE is a joy to use.  Many thanks.

  • Now we only need an upgrade on the NW 7.4 on HANA sneak preview. Can we have SPS7 also here? Being able to use the ABAP stack is a real benefit to those of us still rooted in the ABAP world...

  • Thanks for sharing Craig - looking forward to some of the small changes and the new revision. I like the idea with the "launch" page and it being configured to port 80 out of the box.

    • We are actually working on a process that would give all of you access to the newest version within days of it's release with these enhancements and maybe a few other tweaks to really push performance over the top!

    • That is actually the 2nd item on the list of additional modifications to make in the next revision. At the moment we are focusing on providing a more "stable" delivery method for new editions but ideally that item and a couple of others will be added to enhance the experience from a developer perspective. There will be some trade offs of course but this is after all a developer edition.

  • Code pushdown, or "code to data" is a topic I imagine many individuals and teams are continually looking at.

    To further improve performance of native applications and those where ABAP is utilised, an expanded demo content with increasingly more complex SQLscript examples would help us developers learn to to take advatange of code to data possibilities.

    References of course help but there is nothing like example code performing real-world requirements the developer can debug, copy and hack.

    An example would be iteration over result sets from queried views where inspection and transformation of existing and new columns with math and string functions occurs to adjust the iterated over set or create a new one.  Essentially an expanded use case of the FOR and CURSOR from the reference.

    Quite a few of us originate from the ABAP world, we are eager to grow our SQL knowledge beyond SELECT SINGLE 😉

    More real-case complex SQLscript working examples please. 🙂

      • Within Netweaver we had a superb catalog of "*demo*" development artefact examples for ABAP and Webdynpro ABAP which proved a very useful resource repository.

        Increasingly sophisticated examples of Hana artefacts including SQLscript would be useful to those working on personal development skills and looking for example content as they roll out Hana projects within their organisation.

        Thanks Craig, much appreciated as I understand this thread is not specifically a wishlist!

          • Hi Thomas,

            Was not aware of "SHINE", thanks for pointing it out.  Useful document that collates many topics covered in openSAP, additionally with nice examples of table and scalar UDF's.

            Being a pain I'm looking for more.  My personal view is that there are plenty of good examples in the community for UI5 and consumption of OData and XSJS services but not much in the way of sophisticated SQLScript procedures covering more of the imperative logic functionality.

            Wanting to realise the potential of code pushdown and let Hana "off the reins", having a broad pool of examples exploring SQLScript can help developers mash together a solution quickly for prototyping/testing without wading through the reference (which can happen later to solidify).

            Where possible I don't want to fall back to traditional habits of returning large raw datasets to the application for processing hence my keen interest in maximising SQLScript utilisation.

            Thanks again.

          • Also in this newest version of the developer center image is a beta version of the next release of SHINE. Its in sap.hana.democontent.epmNext.  It includes more examples than what could be productized in time for SP7.  You will find more SQLScript procedure examples, CDS Associations, as well as more complex UI5 examples. For example of some of the things you mentioned, look at update_product_prices.hdbprocedure in the epmNext.

            Internally product management creates the first round of demos late in the development cycle and then turns them over to a team in India for publishing as SHINE.  Generally there isn't enough time to incorporate all the new features in the latest release.  SHINE must meet the same shipping deadlines as the features it tries to teach. Therefore it has to run a SP level behind on some things due to dependencies.  The epmNext doesn't have that limitation since its only shipped as part of the developer center.  We were able to keep working on the demos there after the close of development for SP7. Therefore it can contain more. Things like our training workshops and openSAP course will often use the epmNext as their base because it has all the latest examples.

            Of course we will continue to add demos to the SHINE package over time as well. 

          • The update_product_prices procedure is a useful example for the given scenario, thanks. Folks may want to be aware of what seems like column case sensitivity issue when looping over cursor as documented here (epmnext example uses tables with all uppercase column identifiers, probably as tables created via CDS) Iteration over SQL result in SQLScript procedure has an error

            If epmNext can continue to be bolstered with further sophisticated additions that will prove a very useful resource.  If there is a possibility for release cycles of suitable demo content more frequent that appliance versioning even better.  Thanks again.

  • Hi Craig,

    you wrote that no Mac version is currently out yet. Is there a way to at least include a link to previous versions on the linked website so that we can access the older versions for Mac as well?



  • I imagine many developers, including myself, use SYSTEM when learning and developing, simply as it has the necessary roles/privileges to enable use of the tools we need, as you yourself alluded to Craig.

    I know this is bad practice as highlighted in Administration Guide page 188 (more so for production systems).

    In future can some sample "stripped down" users be provided as default containing all the necessary for development, modelling etc but without extraneous authorisations (i.e. lose those from system we don't need).

    Better practice and would help trying to understand the whole security concept including appropriate "templates" for different kinds of user. 

    Looking at it another way, as an individual developer getting to grips with all Hana offers, with reading the developers guide (786 pages), modelling guide (138 pages), SQL Script ref (120 pages), SQL ref (835 pages), SAPUI5 ref (300 pages), unfortunately the administration guide at 430 pages takes a back seat for now.  Some delivered templates would be so much appreciated.

    In the meantime is anyone aware of any documented user templates by activity/role?


    • We're facing the same issues, as we're beginning to develop on "real" HANA systems (sandbox and development). Hope to be able to share within shortly the outcome of our efforts, which are just starting.

      One of our main concerns is how to restrict access to artifact creation into specific schemas or name spaces. Then, for later, we need to look into restrictions based on organisational values (at least for invokers, if not for developers).

      If SAP has existing templates and/or guidelines, we would be happy to know!