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Create Transaction Code for COPA Reports (ke30)

I am writing my first blog on SDN keeping in view the requirement of Clients.  There are some different tools to create short cuts for the COPA (Ke30) reports, but how to assign t. code to each report is not available. In following steps which shows the how to create T. Code for COPA reports.

(Ke30 View)


Transaction Code SE93

SE93 C.png

Type Transaction Code starts with “Z” or “Y” and click on Create button.

SE93 1.png

Assign text to transaction Code and select the last option “Transaction with Parameters (Parameter Transaction)”

SE93 2.png

In Default Values Tab

Transaction = “START_REPORT”

Check on “Skip initial Screen”

Classification Tab

Check on “Inherit GUI attribute”

SE93 3.png

In the Default Values tab, click on Add Icon.

Name of Screen Field







KE  01CE1XXXX                      REPORT2



Please note

XXXX is the Operating Concern

The technical thing in it is the spaces after 01CE1XXXX and the report name must be equal to 23 (Spaces)

REPORT2 is the name of report assigned in KE30,


Special Note

If the report in KE30 not exist in current server (development Server) than that is not a problem, write name of the report from the Production Server, after transport it works in that Server. 

SE93 4.png

SE93 5.png

Save and assigned Package

SE93 6.png

SE93 7.png

Transport it to PRD Server and execute the assigned report directly without entering in KE30.

Main 1.png

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