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Andy Silvey – SCN Moderator Spotlight

Today I’m happy to feature Andy Silvey in our SCN Moderator Spotlight, which is our way on SCN to thank significant moderator.

Andy Silvey is a relatively new moderator for NetWeaver Technology Platform space. In the interview below Andy will tell us about himself, SCN experience and insights, career and personal aspirations.


[ Summer cycling weekend in the Czech mountains]

Where are you from?

I am originally from the UK, Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire.

Forest of Dean is a beautiful region with fabulous countryside sandwiched between the meandering river Wye and the formidable river Severn with its daily 13 metre tidal rise and fall and powerful annual bore.

For the last 15 years I have been based in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic, as a result of relocation for Logica at their Prague office in 1998. I live near Prague with my wife and two daughters (6&1/2 and 8&1/2).

Where do you work?

Since September I work for Novartis in Prague, as an employee. This is my first employee role after a 14 years run as a contractor. I am enjoying it a lot. I would recommend Novartis to anyone  who is looking to work for an IT company who specializes in SAP.

When did you join SCN?

I joined SAP community in 2002 when it was using Iview Studio platform and everybody was scrambling to connect EP5 Portal to an R/3 backend and the discussion threads were full of such questions.

Subsequently the SDN arrived, and was a world away from Iview Studio. You had blogging capabilities and full blown discussions. I blogged some introductory BSP topics, and in those days we got t-shirts for blogging. I still have those old SDN 250k and I’m Blogging t-shirts.

What motivates you? Why did you join?

I’m motivated to learn more and more about SAP. I am humbled every day by how much I don’t know. One of the greatest resources for learning about SAP is the SAP Community. Along these lines, I joined the Community to expand my SAP knowledge. In the beginning, I was taking more from the community than I was giving, and over time, during the path of my journey this position was reversed to giving more than taking from the community.

What spaces do you moderate?

I moderate in the NetWeaver Technology Platform space with focus on the NetWeaver Architecture category . NetWeaver Architecture has been a challenge in the Community and in collaboration with others we are establishing and building up the NetWeaver Architecture presence on SCN. The NetWeaver Architecture Category is providing a home for NetWeaver Architects and anybody interested in Architecture to engage in discussions and contribute content around the NetWeaver Architecture subject.

Is there another moderator or community member that you’ve found incredibly helpful? 

There can be only one, and that is Marilyn Pratt. There should be an SCN Mission to try to be like Marilyn. It’s really hard to summarize what Marilyn does, what she brings, what she leads, the example she provides. We all have so much to learn from her leadership, humility, equality. SCN really needs to start cloning Marilyn. But who can fill those shoes?

If you could offer one bit of advice to new members or new moderators what would it be and why?

Enjoy the community, be thankful for it, use it and don’t abuse it and you will see the beauty of it. A community is a community anywhere and in any community you reap what you sew. One area we all need to improve, is, if we ask a question, and subsequently we find the answer, then let’s go back to our question and post the answer for the benefit of everyone. It can become extremely handy in a case of escalation and management and business are demanding fast solutions. One will be very grateful to the person who provided him with the correct answer. So let’s all start fixing those I solved it myself threads and when we solve our problems let post the solutions and remember, he who sews shall reap.

What would be your advice for new moderators?

I would suggest following the path I am taking, don’t be in a hurry to be Robocop, rather go slowly and learn from more experienced colleagues. I am not perfect, and in my SCN journey, I have had content moderated, blogs removed for not following the protocol and received guidance from the moderation team. Having experienced both sides, I hope I will bring balance like the other moderators.

What do you think are the key elements for a successful project?

  • Proper planning and preparation
  • Realistic expectations
  • Realistic budget
  • Realistic number of resources
  • Realistic timeline
  • Scope creep management
  • Adherence to the methodology
  • Good design
  • Thorough testing
  • A good cutover plan
  • Good communication
  • And more.


                        [ Christmas homemade Bacon wrapped Turkey breast with sausage meat stuffing]

Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?

  • Do fun things with my great grandchildren
  • Be at peace with life
  • Try to do something new every year with my family
  • Help those around me
  • Successfully pass to my children the lessons I have learned in my life and those lessons I learned from my parents

What is the best lesson your parents taught you?

  • With hard work and dedication you can be and do anything you want
  • Nobody is above you, nobody is beneath you
  • Treat others as you would wish to be treated
  • Do your best in anything you do
  • There are many more, but these ones are the fundamentals.

If you were not in your current position, what would you be and why?

That’s a good question. The grass always looks greener on the other side. And other professions look more attractive and that job has that and this jobhas this, but when you look in detail all careers, roles, jobs have their respective worries and challenges.

What/where would I be? I guess I would be wherever life had taken me based upon the decisions I had made and the effort I had put in during the journey of life.


I would like to thank Andy for an interesting interview, insights and great pictures:).

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    • Hi Jitendra,

      we are all learning every day and from each other.

      I am humbled every day by what I don't know in my areas.

      Anybody who says they know everything about SAP is simply not telling the truth 🙂

      All the best and your blog, member of the month,  was a very nice read too.

      Best regards,


  • HI Andy,

    Its good to see you on SCN Moderator Spotlight 🙂

    You are one of the very active SCN members and I have learnt lot of things from you and your blogs

    Glad to know more about you



    • Hi Vivek,

      thank you.

      There are many who are much more active than me, the main thing is we do our best and try to do more and do better.

      You are doing a great job over there in Hana, keep going and don't give up.

      Best regards,


  • Hi Moshe,

    Thank you for sharing about this happy news.

    Hearty congratulations to our Andy Silvey. As usual you rock. I am happy to know that you have been motivated to learn more and more about SAP. I think Netware Architecture is little tough to handle but you spend your valuable time and support for us. Which helps our community successful and clean. Once again thank you so much for sharing about you and your experience. Keep going!


    Hari Suseelan

    • Hi Hari,

      the beauty of architecture is there is no one right answer, every company is different, every project's pressures are different, budget, timeline, technology, etc etc.

      As Owen Pettiford pointed out in one of his recent blogs, Architects need to know about everything, and this is why I publish the Monthly Architecture Focus to give us all a chance to keep up with what is going on.

      Everybody is welcome to contribute in the Architecture Category, whatever we're connecting together and integrating, let's blog about the stuff that glues the stuff together and why we did it that way and for the benefit of all.

      Best regards,


  • Beautiful summary about Andy. I recently got an opportunity to involve in a discussion with Andy on SAP Mobility, he is very knowledgeable that makes him stand out from others.

    I got a question to Andy, what is your experience on working as contractor for 14 years in terms of knowledge, money and life? how likely you suggest a contract job ? I would have asked this in career space 😉 .

    - Midhun VP

    • Hi Midhun,

      #1 never stop working on your knowledge, read, study, read, study

      #2 it's not a holiday, but, for sure, it's an interesting life, if you want to see a variety of different implementation styles and technologies and different companies and countries and cities and people and cuisine and architecture etc, then have a go

      #3 the possibility of a contract depends on #1

      Your knowledge level is very clear from the discussion we were in at the weekend, and confirmed in the comments to your blog today - good job, keep it up.


    • Hi Samuli,

      yes, I always used to post under a pseudo name, but changed to my real name a couple of years ago and kept the same underlying account.


    • Hi Dev,

      thank you.

      If I may add, it is very nice of Moshe to introduce me through this Moderator Spotlight, and the kind feedback, we mustn't forget, there are many many people doing more than me, and I am learning from those people.

      There are many people on the SCN who we can all learn from, here's one lady who is an example to all, Tammy Powlas .

      Best regards,


  • Hi Andy,

    It was nice to know a little bit more about you. I didn't know you are from UK 🙂

    I share all your thoughts about Marilyn.

    So you finally have more time at home as you wished 😉

    I also worked for Novartis and agree it's a great place to work with SAP. It was the place where I learned how a project can be well managed and how the change processes can be really controlled. I always use this customer as a reference every time I talk about project management and change control.

    BTW, thanks for your tips last year, I really appreciated your kindness.

    Best regards,


  • Hey Andy, what a great read!!

    Very nice to get to know you a little better. Thanks for your constant effort to engage other members in the Architecture topic and not only.

    It is really amazing how quickly you picked up and became very productive in the moderation arena and how persistent you are in helping around and following your goals for good.

    Most of all huge thanks for your tremendous help in kicking-off the Architecture category and starting the Architecture Newsletter. Please keep it up!

    Thanks Moshe Naveh for highlighting Andy's work and personal story.

    • Hi Mariana,

      thank you.

      We mustn't forget, there are many more people doing much more than me, and these people really deserve the spotlight, and on top of this, it is easy in life to start things off, it is seeing the jobs through which is most important, and I will be happy to be judged in the future when hopefully interest in the Architecture section builds up 🙂

      In the meantime, the journey remains the destination.

      Thank you for all of your support.


  • Thanks Moshe Naveh for Andy Silvey - SCN Moderator Spotlight

    Hello Andy Silvey   thanks for sharing your work & personnel, it is great to know more about you apart from Moderator

    >>>Successfully pass to my children the lessons I have learned in my life and those lessons I >>>learned from my parents

    Wow, that is awesome...



  • Thanks Moshe for sharing this.

    Andy Silvey

    You are simply WoW

    I'm motivated to learn more and more about SAP. I am humbled every day by how much I don't know. One of the greatest resources for learning about SAP is the SAP Community.

    Excellent points, they are priceless and invaluable 🙂

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Martin,

      thank you - I admit I am getting a little red faced/embarressed with this because there are many unsung heros here doing a lot more than me and I have been highlighted - so again, to the unsung hero's you're doing a great job.

      My satisfaction is contributing.


  • Hi Andy Silvey

    >>>> I admit I am getting a little red faced/embarressed with this because there are many unsung heros here doing a lot more than me and I have been highlighted - so again, to the unsung hero's you're doing a great job.

    Wow, I admire your simplicity, it is very nice of you to say like that.

    You are rocking the " SCN "



    • Hi Agasthuri,

      everybody rocks the SCN, and there are more visible rocks and less visible rocks and it is the combination of all of them in this eco-system which makes the scn rock.

      And one of the main things for me is, the more visible rocks must practice humility and enabling inclusion and engagement of the less visible rocks. And I would like to see more of this.


  • Many Congratulations Andy !!!

    I have the privilege to work with you and you always been my Guru , mentor and good friend. Looking forward to learn new skills thru SCN.


    • Hi Chandra,

      nice to see you, I hope you are doing fine and having fun with Portal and the Java stacks, apologies for the delay in replying I was away last week.

      Keep in touch,


  • Congratulations Andy for spotlight.

    Happy to read about your interview. In 2009 I visited Prague and Brno. At that time I don't know you but this time I know who you are and I will not miss to meet you.



  • Hi Andy

    i joined SCN since may be 2 years back but unfortunately i started to be active only since 6 month back 🙁 , Andy was the first one i followed him 🙂 and i very impressed with his way to answer, blogs , docs .. ,. he know very well how to go to the required  point,  congratulation for Spotlight 🙂 you deserve more  🙂 , keep it up .

    Best Regards


    • Hi AhMeD,

      thank you.

      Lest we forget, there are many more here doing much more than me.

      We can all do more, and we all know where we can do more :]

      Best regards,