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SAP Career- my personal experience

Hi All,

Hope you are doing well. I am happy to write my first blog on this wonderful community and first blog in internet as well 🙂 . I wanted to thank all the mentors here at SCN. I used a lot of their valuable guidelines and will do so in future as well. Going forward, I will be actively participating in the community  discussions.


Well like many FI CO consultants, I started working in financial services company for 7.5 years and later done my certification in FI module. I quit job from my previous company and completed my certification . Just like everyone I faced initial struggle in getting my first sap job. After 2 months of passing certification, I got my first job as a SAP FI CO consultant at a reputed IT company in India.


My suggestions to people who are starting new


  • First check which module suits your experience and don’t go by popular trends.
  • Second,Check the relevant materials/blogs/websites and go through them even before joining an institute. This helps in determining how much time you need to spend on this subject and then choose your delivery method: online or classroom. Also in this stage do analysis on the institute. Normally SAP certification is given by SAP authorized partners. Check the authorized partners in your area. There are various sources for information regarding this. One of the questions you need to ask is placement.Normally authorized institutes promise placements and later they forward your resume and the decision is with the company. Insist the institutes to provide only SAP IT relevant jobs (support, development/implementation). If they say end-user say a big thank you and exit.
  • Third step would be to decide on investment. SAP education is a huge investment both from money prespective and time prespective. Take a holistic look on your commitments (financial and personal) as well and decide accordingly.
  • Fourth, there are two options- online or classroom (online normally lasts for 6 months,classroom for 4 weeks daily(mon-fri) or weekend classroom classes for 8 weeks. Choose the method based on your need.
  • Fifth, devote a dedicated time for sap study. Initially, it is very tough to understand the concepts. Re-read all the materials given to you. SAP tests based on what is given in the book/content.
  • Sixth, take the test based on your preparation. You can take the test immediately or a few weeks later.


Once you passed the exam, your next step would be to preparing for your interview. This is very important and toughest phase. Not only, you will find difficulty in getting an interview call but also managing yourself in tough situations. During this phase, I have spent time in practicing concepts that was covered in my classes. Also re-read all the important questions that was discussed. I still go through them now 🙂 . Also prepare for some key questions, like why sap career at this time? Mostly for a freshers, the interviewer tests some basic concepts that was covered in certification. Always give honest answers. Don’t every fake because it will cost you a lot. Be flexible in terms of pay and location.


After getting a job in SAP, depending upon the projects you may be placed in development/implementation or support. Accept whatever role you were given. Once you get adjusted to daily activities, learn the integration aspect of SAP. The integration may not be taught during certification. It is very important for sap consultants. For example- for FI consultants, understanding a flow materials management and sales and distribution is important.Explore the things that were not taught during the certification one such would be i-docs and batch job management. Keep practicing the  that you come across in your day to day office. Explore the service market place website, read through certain oss notes for your issues.

Also there are wonderful mentors in SCN, you can also follow them in linkedin as well.

With this, i intended to provide a basic overview (based on what happened to me and to my friends) for the professionals who intend to switch careers to SAP from their domain. Please correct/suggest for any thing which i missed or made a mistake. I appreciate your time and valuable feedback. As i make progress, i will keep updating in this wonderful community.










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