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Order split enables you to split an existing production order for which processing may have already begun into two separate production orders. These production orders are then executed separately from a logistics perspective. Order split functionality can be executed without Product Cost Collector and By-Product by activating the business function and applying the SAP Notes which are discussed below.

Technical Data:

Technical name of business function


Type of business function

Enterprise Business Function

Available as of

Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical usage

Central applications

ECC application component


Directly dependent business function that you must additionally activate Not relevant

This functionality enhances the existing functions for the PP confirmation, the MM goods movements, and the corresponding CO postings. The enhancements allow greater flexibility with regard to how the child order can be created and ensures greater transparency in the operations and confirmations of the parent and child order and facilitates a meaningful plan/actual comparison for parent and child order.

The new functions enable to respond more flexibly to unforeseen events in production, changed customer requirements, or changes in production order priorities.The apportionment of the planned costs between parent and child order is carried out on in proportion to quantities up to the split operation. This facilitates meaningful comparison of planned and actual costs.


Following components as of the named version to be installed:

Type of component


Software component


Technical component or business content, e.g. Portal Content

Not relevant

SAP Notes Implemented:

  • 1628643, 1625001 and 1556380.

Configuration :

  • No Customizing settings are necessary to use the functionality.
  • For better identification and tracking of split orders separate order type configured with different number range.

Reason for Order Split:

  • Part of the quantity manufactured is faulty and has to be post processed or can only be used to manufacture a different product.
  • The customer has changed his requirements and production must be adjusted as quickly as possible.
  • The priorities of the production plan are changed and already started production orders have to be postponed.
  • Necessary machines or tools are defective.

Order split functionality:

  • The planned costs can be charged proportionally to the child order.
  • The split history is extended

Order split method used:

  • Split and creation of child order with same material

Process Flow:

  1. Create and release production order ( CO01/CO02)
  2. Splitting of order and release( CO02)
  3. Goods issue against parent production order(MIGO)
  4. Confirmation of original order operation wise with auto GR( CO11N)
  5. Goods issue against child split production order(MIGO)
  6. Confirmation and Auto GR of split order (CO11N)

Process Flow with screen shots:

  1. Create and release production order:

Parent order 320187100341 is created and released for 24 qty with account assignment category as sales order.

Go to operations overview to see the list of operations

     2. Splitting of Production Order:

At the first operation itself production order is splitted. Select the operation to be splitted and go to functions, select split order as shown below.

New screen will appear as shown below. Enter the Split qty and Split Order Type. Split qty entered as 12.

Click on Split Order    

Message will be displayed as Order Split executed. Click on SAVE. Order saved.

New split order will be displayed along with parent order as shown below.

Parent Production Order details:

Parent order is for 24 qty and it expected yield var 12 – is adjusted after splitting.

Parent Production Order Operations details:

Operation qty will be the reduced qty after Split.

Parent Production Order BOM details:

Child Production Order details:

Child Production Order Operations details:

Operation qty will be the Split Qty.

Child Production Order BOM details:

3. Goods issue for Parent Production Order (MIGO)

4. Confirmation of Parent Production Order ( CO11N)

Parent order is confirmed from Operation 0010 to 0040. Auto GR at final operation.

Stock Requirement List ( MD04):

12 qty from the parent order are now displayed under customer stock after Auto GR.

Split Order Processing:

For Split Order 1 Goods issue completed through MIGO tcode.

For Split Order 1 confirmation completed for operation 0010, 0020 and 0030 for 12 qty.

Last operation of the Split order 1 is again splitted with qty as 6.

Split Order 2 is created for only the last operation 0040 for qty of 6.

Parent Order is now displayed with two child orders.

Split Order 1

Split Order 2

Split Order 2 is displayed with only one operation 0040 for qty of 6.

BOM of Split order 2.

No BOM is displayed as for 0040 operation no BOM is applicable.

Split Order 1 final confirmation of 0040.

Only 6 qty can be confirmed as operation 0040 is split for 6 qty with split order 2.

Split Order 2 final confirmation for operation 0040 for 6 qty.

Split Order 2 displayed below after Confirmation and Auto GR

Stock Requirement List (MD04)


All Production Orders Operations (Parent & Child Split Orders)

Only Split Orders Operations (Child Split Orders):

Documentation Referred:

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  1. Srini Ravindra Kumar

    Hi Ramagiri, Quick one. The PCC system status is not there in the order so we can infer that you are using the activated business function.

      Not sure of what you are saying about By-product here as in the document heading.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Srini,

      When we activate the Business Function LOG_PP_PROD_ORD_SPLIT, in order split screen when operation qty is split, by-product also needs to be entered. So in order to avoid entry of by product implemented SAP notes 1628643, 1625001 and 1556380.

      Thanks & Regards,


  2. Srini Ravindra Kumar

    Ramagiri, Do not have system access and hence ask for your help again.

    1.Is a whole quantity split possible here? Meaning can an initial order of 100 numbers can be completely split into a child order of 100 numbers assuming nothing has happened the initial/parent order.

    Partial quantity split is alone possible or Whole quantity split is also possible?

    Guess is system should not allow the same. When it is whole quanity split, it is not actually a split but becomes a merger sort of thing and just wanted to double check.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Srini,

      Whole quantity split of the order is not possible. Partiall only you can split. System will throw error message as “Split quantity must be smaller than the operation quantity”.

      Thanks & Regards,


      1. Srini Ravindra Kumar

        Thanks again. Was reading on this topic and can find that in addition to this Order Split made available in the core application we have a similar ‘Order Merge’ functionality available in IS-High Tech. Whole quantity change over is possible and in this concept the original/parent order is called ‘Merging Order’ and the new/child order gets the name ‘Surviving Order’.…

  3. Former Member

    Its nice, could pl share the settings that needs to be maintained for split order scenarios it would be helpful for beginner like me.



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