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SAP BW 7.3: How to trigger BW process chains from ECC

In this document I will comment how to trigger BW process chain from ECC, for example to update a particular report. I hope it can help to someone who has to perform this process in the future.

According to the requirements, the user – after executing certain transactions in ECC – should be able to trigger a load in BW and see the reports updated with this new information.

To do this, we will create an ad-hoc transaction in ECC (ZBW_UPDATE_REPORTS) with an associated program (ZBW_TRIGGER_EVENT). A dynpro where the user will be able to select the business area he wants to update will be displayed in this transaction. After selecting this area, “Execute” button is pressed and the program is launched. This program calls a BW function (ZFM_TRIGGER_EVENT) passing as parameter the event associated with the selected area. Finally, this function will be responsible for triggering the event (ZECC_EVE01) and starting to run the appropriate load chain (TR_DT).


Step 1. Create the transaction in SE93. This transaction will have associated the program that we will create in the next step.



Create Dialog Transaction:


Step 2. Create an executable program in t-code SE38. In this transaction the user will select the Area of reports that he wants to update.


Global Data:








Note: SLBWD200 is the name of our SAP BW system.

Fill the Text Symbols and Selection Texts:



Step 3. The dynpro looks like this:



Step 4. Create an event in tcode SM64 for each of the different loads we want throw. In our case: ZECC_EVE01 (for Treasury area) and ZECC_EVE02 (for Consolidation area).


Step 5. We associate to each chain the corresponding event. In our example we plan the  load chain of Treasury (TR_DT) to run after event: ZECC_EVE01.


Note: it is important to plan and activate the chain and check “Periodic job”.

Step 6. Create the function module (in our case ZFM_TRIGGER_EVENT). This FM must be enabled as Remote-Enabled and it will call the standard function  BP_EVENT_RAISE which will raise the event received as parameter.






Step 7. Finally, just after executing the transaction from ECC side, the BW Process Chain is thrown:



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