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Completion Confirmations – Define Control Parameters for Completion Confirmations

Hello again, it seemed like I might never get to the end of configuring the service order, but it finally happened.  And since I’ve been a roll, I figured I’d roll right inot the next logical piece, the completion confirmation.  This series will be much shorter than the service order, but no less important.  This first piece is typically the biggest piece to get in place…  so let’s get to it.


Here’s where to find it in SPRO.


Once you select the option, you get the full list of service orders (and every other order type as well), by plant.  So this means that you can define your parameters by plant, by order type.  I’ve picked one of the orders above to show you what you have to choose from.


Now, the fun of this screen is that there is a lot going on within this single piece of configuration, so I’ll walk you through each part of it.

Default Values:

Now, whenever you open up something like IW41 or IW42, there will always be a set of selections in here.  This gives you a first pass at anything you want defaulted.  You get the following options:

  • Final Confirmation
  • Post Open Reservations – if you set final confirmation along with this, it sets the final issue for the components that are not backflushed.
  • Propose dates – propose start and end dates based on the lead time scheduling.
  • Propose activities – this will calculate the amount of time left.  If the total is 100, you’ve previous confirmed 70, 30 units will be proposed.
  • Milestone automatic.- transfer the dates to the milestone automatically

Material Movements

All components – if you don’t check this, only shows backflushed components.  If you check it, all components will be shown.


By default, both of these are checked.  If you don’t want confirmed operations, simple uncheck the box.

  • confirmed ops – confirmed operations are also selected
  • confirmable – confirmable operations are selected.


This area comprises the checks that should occur whenever you confirm an operation.

  • Date in future – checks if you allow a future date to be entered
  • WrkDev. active – allows you to flag if the time you entered deviated by a certain amount (you can define that amount in the field to the right)
  • – allows you to flag if the duration deviated by a certain amount (you can define that amount in the field to the right)

HR Update

  • No HR update – stops the automatic data availability to the HR module, like CATS for example.
  • no Date update – don’t update actual date in the operation.

Logs/Error handling

  • actual costs – error log is generated for actual costs issues
    • Termination for incorrect actual cost- check if confirmation should terminate on error
  • goods movement – error log is generated for goods movements
    • termination for incorrect goods movement – check if confirmation should terminate on error

Control Data

  • Process Control – controls the execution of the confirmation.  The out of the box option available is Backflushing/automated goods issue

Mass Confirmation

  • Rough Reversal – means that the reversal doesn’t look at the individual confirmations in mass.  You’d only do this for performance reasons.
    • Rough reversal frm counter stats – allows you to set a status for when it’s allowed
    • simplified forecast work cancellation – for forecasting, forecast work will equal planned work.  (actual work if final confirmed)
  • execute milestone functions – this only applies to PS, so ignore this.

In general, most of the settings, except for the default rarely need to be touched.  Regardless, this is the basis for the settings of your service order confirmations.

If you’re interested in great tips and tricks on SAP service management, variant configuration or production planning, check out my blog at:

There is also a link to some SAP Easy Buttons =)

Thanks for reading,


CTO – JaveLLin Solutions, LLC

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      Author's profile photo alisa majer
      alisa majer

      hello Michael

      good document but I am missing one information that I need: in transaction IW42 you have a field for material reservation, which specifies if the reservation is completed and this is apparently checked by default.

      Is there a place where I can specify in the system that I do not want it checked by default?

      it is field ENDKZ

      thank you for letting me know