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Basic troubleshooting for installation issues in BI Platform

Hello SCN Members;

This is my very first blog and I hope this topic would help you to go through the basic troubleshooting to be performed to narrow down your issues for a resolution in BI Platform.

You can always use the immense KBA’s available in SAP xSearch itself for a direct resolution which may help. However we might be in the dark unless you come to know what the exact problem is and how to resolve it. Hence troubleshooting is a very important part to look into.

It would be difficult to show examples of errors that may be faced, however I would mention generic examples and points to look forward to in case of any issues.

In this blog I would kickstart with troubleshooting and checklists for issues during installation.

Immediate failure or partial installation scenarios are pretty common. Where do we look into for such cases?

1.  First look whether the user performing installation is a not part of root in Linux and has admin level privileges or else is part of admin group in windows.

2. Check the free space available for user in *nix and adequate free space is available in installation directory of BO in windows.

3. Issues can be related with antivirus. Ensure that this is kept inactive temporarily during installation.

A very common scenario where default Db installation is not being used but connection is done to a Db in a different server.

1.  Network non – availability, is a major cause. Basic test is to ping the Db server to ensure that BO server and Db server is in same network.

2. Does the BO user have adequate read, write access to the CMS Db.

3. Telnet the ports to check whether the port assigned is available or being used by some other process.

4.  You would often see, majorly in *nix that issues such as CMS fails to start or fails to register error, reason the JAVA HOME, CLASS PATH and Environment variables are not in place.

5. Issue can be related with few MS and *nix libraries. To look into these we will need to go through the logs. System logs, install logs and var logs would be of great help in such cases.

A very well known and troublesome issue usually found with coredumps in *nix environment. Most of the dumps that get generated during installation is a consequence of inadequate free space or else unavailability of memory. Ensure that a bare minimum of 8 Gb is available for installation. Keep in mind this is just a minimum requirement and will not help in any manner as soon as development activities begin in the system.

I hope this has been helpful. Your comments and inputs are welcome to enrich this blog for installation debugging issues and scenarios.

Next time; generic issues observed with web intelligence reporting and how can these be narrowed down.



PS: Do go through How to troubleshoot any issue in your SAP BI 4.x deployment

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      Author's profile photo Manikandan Elumalai
      Manikandan Elumalai

      Good that you have started writing your experiences in SCN.  When I start reading your blog , thing which came into my mind is about Denis Konovalov blog here where in which Denis clearly explained his approach towards a particular issue.

      Thanks Denis & Arvind for sharing your experiences.



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      Former Member
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      Added blog post by Denis.