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Activate Business Configuration (BC) Sets

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This organizational activity describes how you can activate or modify the delivered Business Configuration (BC) sets.

SAP provides a set of recommended BC sets as a baseline. For example, there exists a BC set for the frequency timeframes, where you define and maintain the time period of your system


To activate BC sets:

1. To see the activities that have a BC set, choose Existing BC Sets.
The system displays the BC sets on the right hand side of each activity.

2. Place the cursor on a BC set and choose Additional Information ->BC Sets ->Display BC Sets for Activity. The Business Configuration Sets: Display screen appears.

3. To highlight the individual BC set, choose Goto ->Activation Transaction.
The Business Configuration Sets: Activation screen appears.

Note: You must activate each BC Set separately.

4. Choose Activate BC Set or press F7.
The BC Set is activated.

Eskom Configuration:  The above does not work.

Note: BC Sets activate the default contents on the Configuration Tables

  These BC sets can be activated via transaction code SCPR20



Select each of the BC Set ID as per the table below:



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