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Visual Business goes SAPUI5

With version of SAPUI5 1.18, shipped on monday 27th of january, the HTML version of Visual Business is available. This version uses the same programming interface as the ActiveX component, but is is not limited to the windows platform. It runs in all HTML5 browsers and supports also mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android, including touch support.

The current version is limited to 2D map display with the following features:

  • Configurable Map Provider
  • Spots, lines, areas, pie charts, boxes, circles
  • Tooltip, detail window, and context menu

Map Provider definitions, maintained in the ABAP backend, can be retrieved via standard OData service and given to the control. Backend applications using the ActiveX map control will also work with the HTML control.

We make good progress with the HTML version of Visual Business and we expect some exciting new features in the upcoming releases!

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    • Hello Harald,

      unfortunately we have no public documentation on this yet. You can contact me via EMail and I can send you the SAP internal Wiki link.


      Best regards,

    • Hi Bob,


      the map provider can be configured in the backend - this is the same for the UI5  and the Windows Visual Business control.


      See here for details


      We asked ESRI to publish their parameter settings on the SCN but they haven't done it, yet.




      • Hi Ralf,


        Do you know when they will publish their parameter? otherwise we had to use the 3rd party js API to develop the Esri map.

        • Hi Bob, I have send you a direct message describing the parameters.


          For UI5 Development we provide also an oData service getting the map provider configuration from the backend.Please drop me a line and I can publish this part of the API documentation.

  • Hi Uwe,

    is it possible to use SAPUI5 Visual Business only with SAP HANA as backend? If yes, how can I configure the Map Provider within HANA?





    • He Ye,

      sure its possible, since the VB controls do not require a certain backend components. However, there is no dedicated support in SAP Hana, as is in the ABAP backend. Thus you need to provide the configuration in plain JSON.


      BR Uwe

  • Hi Expert,


    I try to draw a VO(image) on the map, meanwhile this VO should has some description, not tool-tips.  the description and image should display together. Can you send me some documents how to create VOs on the maps.