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True significance of SCN

Hello Everyone,

This is my first blog and I am a new user on this forum. I certainly have not participated that much across the other forums and therefore I thought to share my views on something I’m constantly observing.

I currently posses 94 points and out of those, 60 points, I don’t know where and how did they come from? I decided to search a little. Then I found something, this BIF thing. As a human, we generally judge a person by the reputation. They way he looks, the way he behaves and other styles gives us an idea of him. Similar things happens here. When we see a person with numerous points and higher levels, we assume a thing, we develop a picture.

Personally, I start believing him and take everything seriously suggested. That’s a good thing. A person having 50 points would be less reliable in comparison to a person with 500 points. Yes, not always true but that’s how we all think. No matter what you say but that’s a hard fact !!

Now coming to my point of BIF, I’m not against it and it is wonderful thing. I enjoy reading about you all very much. But why points ?? 😕

I write up my BIF and I get 10 points, that’s OK somewhat !! But why two points for every like. If I write my BIF now and do not login to SCN for next one week and 10 persons give it a like each, my points will rise to 124.

94 to 124 without doing anything, and that’s happening in biggest global forum of SAP. I’m astonished 😯

This applies to everywhere. Take Coffee corner for instance.

BIF moderators & Coffee corner’s, please don’t take this personally. You have done a great job to keep the mood lighten 🙂

SCN is known as wonderful forum for discussing SAP issues, and I don’t like the idea of seeing a person with 100 points without participating in SAP issues. Lets it remain SAP Community Network, don’t make it Facebook 😐

I have also seen several discussions on this issue and that is why I thought of expressing my idea through this blog. I didn’t want to create another discussion.

Even an employer provides you food, coffee, tea, snacks etc in the working hours. But do they give you extra money for that? Then why this discrimination here ??

I don’t know how would you guys react on this. I don’t even know what is a correct blog content except that it’s to share one view’s on something. I don’t know how many out there are going to hit ‘Abuse’ for this blog. But I don’t care for that because I am not posting anything abusive!! I’m just expressing my views!

For the sake of SAP, this is done to be needed. Give it a thought !!


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  • Hi Karen

    I have read your blog...

    I have also seen these things is happens in SCN...

    I had also asked the same question myself, The answer came "What I'll do with my points"

    So why I will be crazy for points only??

    Just to show up

    I have also participate in various forum...

    But I am specialist in MM forum..

    And if someone see my reputation tab, he will know that I am A MM consultant..

    Also like , He is also participated in various forum, but if someone will see his reputation tab, then he will know that Jurgen sir is master in MM module just in a second..

    I hope the Coffee corner is just to fresh up our mind...

    I have also get 63 points from coffee corner, and just for likes.

    And recently we had done a conference with Moshe Sir.

    That point portion should be removed from coffee corner...

    And It should be...

  • Looks like you are targeting BIF and points related to that only.. Right.. ?

    Now i will say, why we are adding points and badges while the blog/docs is not technical, like the current blog.. Here also you will get some points very soon..

  • I'm not going to pick up the Coffee Corner debate here. It has been gone through many times already, and there are plans to do something about it so for now at least I think it is best left.

    On the subject of the BIFs, though, I do have an observation. That is that the C in SCN stands for "Community", and in my mind that is just as important as the S. This isn't just a place to come and have your questions answered, or a place to blog your expertise. It is that, for sure. But is is also a place to get to know each other a little, or a lot depending on your preference. We work better together as a community than as a collection of strangers and so it is worth putting a little effort into that. And if all this is true then why not reward such community building with a few points? For most reasonably active people here any points earned from a BIF blog will be small in comparison to points earned for SAP-related activity so I don't see a problem with this. You can see from a user's profile where they've earned all their points - if it isn't in SAP-relevant spaces, you can take that into account when assessing their level of expertise.

    Just my opinion.


    • I like your opinion. There is no harm in knowing about people. Men is social animal, we all know that. One can contribute and share what he wants. Your point is taken but mine is something else. I think you didn't understand what I wanted to convey.


      • I thought your point was that a BIF blog might get you 30 points for "doing nothing", and you didn't think that was right. My point was that such a blog would do something important - it would help us all get to know you a little - and that's worth a few points. And while those 30 points seem like a lot now, once you've been a member for a while longer and collected more points they won't seem anywhere near as significant.

        If I misunderstood, my apologies. Please correct me!

        Oh, and please consider writing that BIF blog 🙂

  • Hi, I'm just confused on what to respond here. Your blog is undoubtly very nice and I don't think you have targeted any specific thing. To add up, I too would rather prefer having a better system.

    Its good to see you caring about SCN and SAP and that leading a new member, like you, post such a blog. That's commendable!!

    I do agree that lifetime points doesn't represent true reputation of a member but yes, that's not something impossible to know. But again, as Dev has said that He, along with few of us, had a recent conversation for the betterment of Coffee corner. So things might improve. You belong to my space and I like the way you participate. I want you to continue your support without getting dishearten 🙂


    • Oh. I didn't see your response that day. Thank you helping my views and its good to know that you guys are trying to make the things straight ! I'm not going anywhere. I'll keep participating in QM and SCN 🙂

      I don't know if SCN is meant for social interaction also. But still, I sense something which is not convincing me 😕