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Create your own application site using SAP HANA UI Toolkit

Create your own application site using SAP HANA UI Toolkit

It’s easier now to start creating your own site using the HANA UI toolkit since HANA SP7 release, embedded with sample data, and service kit as being part of the HANA Installer.

In this blog I would like introduce the changes in regard to import of Delivery Units and few other steps that are changed as part of HANA SP7 release

Thanks to Lucas for briefing out the introduction to SAP HANA UI Toolkit for Information Access (earlier) in his blog.

I would like to provide further information’s regarding the latest changes until HANA SP7 release

Prerequisite: HANA appliance software is installed on your server.

Necessary role/User for the system access

  • access to the OS level via console, using the <sid>adm user of your HANA
  • access to the DB of your HANA via DB user

Install the UI Toolkit

Download Delivery Unit

Download the Delivery Unit from SMP (service market place):

Note: Since SP6 onwards , the UI toolkit is available as part of SMP (SAP Service market place) . The service delivery Unit (HCO_INA_SERVICE.tgz) is part of the HANA installer.

Path to view the service DU within HANA installer: SYS/global/hdb/content

Import Delivery Unit:

Launch HANA Studio  

Select your HANA instance

On the Quick launch page, choose Content -> Import

Now Select HANA Content -> Delivery unit.

Choose Next

Select the server, browse the Service DU (Service DU on server: SYS/global/hdb/content): HCO_INA_SERVICE.tgz

Similarly select the client, browse the UI tool kit DU (downloaded from SMP to your client) : HCO_INA_UITOOLKIT.tgz


SP6: Sample data (EPM: Enterprise Procurement model) is part of <SYSTEM> schema 

SP7: EPM Table content can be found in <INA_EPM_DEMO >schema and EPM Column views can be found in “SYS_BIC “schema 



In the SAP HANA modeller, in the SAP HANA Systems view, under Content, check that the following packages

are available:






INA role and authorizations to HANA users since SP7

The sap.bc.ina.service.v2.userRole:: INA_USER role grants access to the info access HTTP service and enables the processing of metadata retrievals.

The above role can be assigned to a user in different ways. Role can either directly assigned to the user OR reference it in another role

System user:

Role required: sap.bc.ina.service.v2.userRole::INA_USER

Self-defined user

Role: sap.bc.ina.service.v2.userRole::INA_USER

For non-system user assign the INA role.

Assign the select privilege on the attribute view and the underlying tables.

Assign select and execute privileges on _SYS_BIC schema.

Add the Analytical privilege “_SYS_BI_CP_ALL” to the user if it is not present.

Prepare your Source Data.

Enabling Search Options in HANA Studio and Register and Activating the Service are no more relevant .It’s available by default

User should have a knowledge of what attributes he wants to enable for free style search , which records he wants to enable for users , what attributes he wants to see a count of distinct values or add filter .

Go ahead and create Attribute view via studio


Select an attribute in your model and observe that there is tab to enable search attributes.

Define freestyle attributes,( apply full text indexes and set up text analysis if required else as a first step just try the enable one or two attribute as freestyle search )

(For more details , please refer section 9.4,

Set Up Dev environment:

Before you create your own site, it is required to set up Dev environment .With the help of regi , one can modify the Hana repository files.

  1.   Ensure SAP HANA™ Client is installed on your machine.
  2.   Create local Workspace:

   – Open Command prompt and run the following commands:

                        Hdbuserstore set <key name> <host name>:3<sys no>15 <USERNAME> <PWD>

Regi create workspace <workspace name>  –key=<key name>Change your directory to the newly created local workspace directory.

Regi track sap.bc.ina.demos 

(to map ‘sap.bc.ina.demos’ repository package to your workspace)

Regi checkout

                 (Writes all the repository objects to your local workspace)

   3.     Develop your own html pages and Save them.

             (You can also create a copy of any of the existing UIs and edit.   

   4.     Commit the changes back to HANA repository.

Regi commit

  (You should be able to see your UI inside ‘sap>bc>ina>demos’ now)

    5.     Activate all changes in your UI.

  Regi activate

     6.     For more information on Regi, refer to the following wiki link:

Creating your own site:

Please refer to the previous blog

Launch the URL:



Thanks ,

Reena S

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      hello Reena,

      As i am new to HANA, given a wonderful information for my start up.

      tons of thanks...

      have few questions...

      1) By using SAPUI5 in HANA studion, is it possible to connect to HANA DB?

      2) is there any way to generate reports in HANA? if yes, plz let me know?

      3) In the above you mention that URL will generate, can i use it Enterprise Mobility?


      Prasad Sistla.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Prasad,

      1.Yes ,it is possible

      2. There are variuos front end tools which you can also be used for reporting .You can find many blogs as well.

      3. can you please elloborate a bit more on your question .


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      hi Reena,

      Thanks for the quick reply Reena, with respect to my 3rd question.

      1) Is it possible to generate the reports through HANA Studio? After generating reports,the same URL(as you mentioned in the blog) will generate?

      2) So that i will try to consume the same URL in my SAPUI5.


      Prasad Sistla.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      1) No . HTML app created via UI tool kit has nothing to do with the Reporting tools

      Its completely different .

      2) you cannot consume the URl as such , but you can always consume the database results from the service layer  ( json format ) to any of the UI app you build .

      Author's profile photo Krishna Tangudu
      Krishna Tangudu

      Hi Reena,

      So is vice versa possible with UI5 tools?

      i.e Loading from JSON format to Table? or any other utility which you can see can be best used?


      Krishna Tangudu

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Reena,

      Can you please let me know how to find the HCO_INA_SERVICE.tgz delivery unit file for download in the service market place.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Goutham ,

      As mentioned above , service kit is part of the hana installer




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Reena,

      Can you please provide the path from where to download HCO_INA_UITOOLKIT.tgz in SMP.

      I downloaded the following HCOINAUITOOLKIT08_10-20011361.SAR -- but unable to extract the SAR. I am not sure if thats the correct one.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Reena,

      Nice blog post.I have followed the above steps concisely however the demo app doesn't show any data though I can preview the data in the table using Hana studio.

      Kindly help.


      Author's profile photo Deepti Lakshmi
      Deepti Lakshmi

      Hi Reena,
      Can you suggest on how to avoid duplicate entries when we do HANA Text search and show it using INA Tool kit?