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Career Growth : Promotion Handbook !

This document will help you to understand and identify the steps to be taken for tomorrow’s promotion. After reading this document, you should be able to know:

  • How to approach a promotion with your boss?
  • why you’re not getting promoted?
  • Who we need to contact for our career improvement ? 
  • What are the steps need to be taken to get a promotion ?
  • Where you stand in the queue for promotion?

The points to be covered in this document are as follows:

What you should do first if you aren’t getting promoted?

    • Silent

After you’ve become silent, ask yourself why you didn’t get the promotion?

    • Analysis

After you started thinking, try to ask your manager or management about your promotion delay?

    • Implement

After you understand & implement the suggestions, try to meet your manager or management regarding your promotion updates?

    • Promoted

If you haven’t learn & practiced football, you cannot put any goal in football match easily. Similarly, If you haven’t followed all the tips mentioned below, its very difficult to achieve your career goals. I request each and every one to go through once which will help you to understand what is lacking and stopping to achieve your goal.

If you come to work and stay alone yourself without interacting with anyone. Also keep your head down and your mouth shut. Do you know the exact reason why you haven’t promoted. There are many reasons involved for not getting promoted. But let’s assume that you want to get promoted soon. Here are my valuable tips :

1. Right Company ! Delight Job ! Bright Career !

There are three main types of companies that you can work for in the private sector, each with it’s own pros and cons:

      • Small companies
      • Medium sized companies
      • Large companies
  • Don’t regret the small companies because you cannot expect to receive better benefits that Medium & Large companies
  • Don’t regret the medium size companies because you cannot expect to receive better career growth than Large companies
  • Don’t regret the large companies because you cannot show your talent & performance with many talented IT professionals in the huge organization

Make sure people know you’re doing a great job. Try to lo-gin before 5 minutes early and try to log-out after 5 minutes regularly which will be great example to others. Sincerely work for a company that can give you opportunity, give you respect, give you room to grow, give you to settle. Concentrate on work and try to give best you can in your current position. I assure that outstanding & excellent performance in any company will give you great opportunity to move forward.  

Important points to achieve as “Successful Employee” are:

  • Attendance
  • Willingness
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Discipline
  • Attitude
  • Communication Skills
  • Punctuality

Keep in good contact with your Colleagues, Manager & Management and make sure that you are running for smashing success. Be Enthusiastic, Be Positive, Be Popular, Be Proactive in your company and promotion will be automatically in your hands. Also Be kind and Be helpful to your colleagues, managers & management. Participate in company events like company’s club activities, Social work activities and network / connect with colleagues inside the project & outside the project. Please make sure that the right people understand that you are looking for promotion. Don’t become panic & afraid to express your thoughts to you TL or Manager about your career growth. If you are not approaching them, one day they will definitely ask about your career goal. That time you will not be able to answer immediately.

Always try to show great work in your job and don’t become lazy, worried, fed up, irritated with your current work. Be key player and try to execute it. Try to move or apply internal jobs inside your organization which will helps you to learn new things, enjoy new environment, connect new people, share latest updates which will help you to grow faster and faster in your organization. If you get promotion immediately it will not stay for longer time. Apply for right position and try to contribute in the new project which will help you get promotion soon. Don’t miss the great opportunities that you are getting very rarely in your life time and understand the business process seriously. No need to bother or worried about others are promoted very fast and don’t think that we are still traveling in the same boat. Huge number of promotion possibilities are always open and make sure that you are sailing your boat in the right track. Apply for the role within the organization it may be short term or long term contracts. Take responsibility and sharpen your technical/business process skills then try to move forward as quickly as possible. Delay in time will always be delay in promotion.

2. Connect it! Contribute it ! Share it ! Value it!

Your community commitment & SCN involvement play a vital part and it can also be a plus toward your getting your promotion much easier and faster. Always try to update you existing skills and help others to build new skills. Keep contributing ! Keep Sharing ! Keep Motivating others. Relationship with your management people or higher official in your organization can show you various ways to travel in a right path in your community as well as in SCN community. I assure that, you’ll learn a lot, share a lot, think a lot, contribute a lot, motivate a lot. Always be a mentor or teacher for others to contribute in our SCN community & organization community. This will help each and every one in your organization to grow faster and it is easy to get promotion soon. 

You’re so good at your job but you’re not good at your network. That’s why I suggest every one to share knowledge and contribute towards community is very essential in current IT network. Please don’t get afraid to contribute in organization community & SCN Community. Always think you are the best qualified person for this position to contribute in our community. Definitely I can say this will help you take on new responsibility and also it will help you to move career forward. More connections ! More Contribution ! More People!  More opportunities ! There is big difference between the recognized employee & respected employee. If you share & contribute your skill & knowledge in community. Everyone will tell you “You are Recognized “ where as if you contribute towards community for many years, working harder & smarter for long period in the same organization with all awards & recognition which in turns to “You are Respected”.

3. Contribute More Than Your Job Description:

World is a big city and always look around everywhere. It will be noticed by others in your organization are those who approach every day with wide-angle vision. They will filter your talent, contribution, achievement, sincerity, dedication that should always exceed well beyond their expectations. Employees will be noticed quickly and recognized them after their performance. To improve your influence in organization try to contribute yourself and help others to do their job. Helping your colleagues is great contribution in most of the multinational companies. If you help others it will automatically motivate their self confidence, improve their team work & contribution and involve in collaborative leadership which will easily moves you to your dream destination. The main success of the organization I think always helping others which will help us and our organization in good position. I believe that, if you create more opportunities for others, the more opportunities will open for you. 

This is why contribution and dedication towards your job with the right people is so critically important throughout your career. If you help your colleagues in any situation like difficult or simple, you will be immediately get noticed by your team members, managers & your management. I don’t say to serve 24 hours to your colleagues, try to spend some time with them whenever they are in difficult situations. Also I suggest you to help colleagues are not within your department, project, unit or any functional area. There are many search engines and shortcuts are already in place, try to search something for them whenever they require help from you. You helping nature and intention will be discussed and spoken by your colleagues at-last before you get promotion.  

4. No Politics & No Gossip :

There are many dangerous things in an organization that can make your workplace unsafe. Please stay away or run away from the cheap politics or gossip inside our team, project or in an organization. Keep yourself & organization always clean. Always keep focused on work, growth, ideas, innovation, collaboration, connection, community and new opportunities. Anytime stay away from the underground conversations because you don’t know when they will change against you and your career growth. You shouldn’t create any negative or bad image against you which will stop your long dream “Promotion”. Try to be yourself and act smartly which play and very important role to get noticed immediately in your organization. If you show your full potential in your daily work schedule also, if any gossip or politics discussed unnecessary during your office hours. All your efforts will go to recycle bin.   

Who knows what could come next?

You don’t need to be perfect, you need to behave like professional. Once you know how to maintain that there is no need to teach step by step process. If you figured out what to do? when to do? why to do? how to do? where to do? more than that there is nothing to do. If you are far away from the dangerous politics & gossip games you will rise like shinning sun and get noticed immediately. If you keep organization clean, then organization will help you to win and you will be promoted soon.

5. Professionalism :

  • Appearance should be neat and professional
  • Raise queries when you aren’t sure about that
  • Try to be yourself and keep away from gossip & politics
  • During critical & escalation times, Be positive
  • If you face any failure, don’t blame others
  • Try to make recognition in your organization through Awards, Seminars, Blogs, Community
  • Don’t rush to out and start walking to your home till you complete your task
  • When things go wrong always don’t contact seniors. Be problem solver

Act Quickly ! Execute Effectively ! Get Promoted immediately!

6. Speak ! Speak ! Speak!

Communication play a key role in IT organization because it helps to interact with people, express your feelings, share your knowledge, perform their jobs and responsibilities. It also shows our attitude & enthusiasm towards your work and it is consider to be thinking outside the expectation. Always try to express your values towards organization and strengthen your vision. This will automatically reach your mission.  Verbal, Non-Verbal & writing communication is very important skills which will help you to discuss your view across organization, express your thoughts and which help you to make information or data that you want to communicate with others. With the help of effective communication the work will be completed much faster and easier. Without good communication skills promotion becomes difficult task to achieve. Everyday, we interact with colleagues, customers & clients in meetings & discussions. If there is no good communication skills or if you are calm, whatever you are trying to express in different ways is useless. What happens if you don’t serve correct time? Waiting period actually serves as a time of thinking & searching for the answers. Clients always look for quick response & proactive people.

If you want to walk the walk, you’ve got to talk the talk !

If you keep reading this document you will never have time to “implement your ideas” for yourself & for your organization. I believe you have understand the pros & cons, that’s why I consider this my most important document. I think you all know what to do after reading this document.

Think Best ! Implement Best! You will be always the Best !


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    • Hi Jurgen,

      Yes. You are perfect. I thought that we can rate our own blog. I will change it accordingly. πŸ™‚ . Human make mistakes. Thanks for noticing that too.


      Hari Suseelan

    • Hi Kishan,

      Thank you so much for reviewing my blog. Jurgen always give valuable feedback will help me to post better blog day by day. Special thank to you and Jurgen to help me to rectify my blogs. I appreciate.


      Hari Suseelan

  • Hi Hari

    Certainly there are lot of things which are known & unknown, as we Ignore them in real life. but still I hold on my pulse to go ahead with the same as u mentioned. Thnx for sharing this Information with us... Let me try to adapt more from this Doc..

    Cheers πŸ˜‰


  • Hello Hari,

    It is definitely a nice blog! This document is providing the important things which are required to get promotion at right time.And i thought we can check SWOT analysis to take any decision.


    S - Strength

    W - Weekness

    O - Opportunities

    T - Threats

    Thanks alot for sharing your knowledge and we are expecting more blogs from your end.


    Lakshmi S

    • Hi Lakshmi,

      Thanks for your compliments. Many people are struggling to get promotion. Thats why I thought to share this topic to every one. If one person is benefited with this topic. I am very happy. I appreciate.


      Hari Suseelan

  • Nice Blog Hari.

    Though these qualities are really useful, I strongly believe in Hard work (really hard) and give the best. There is no one above you and below you. All are equal. Organisation is part of different teams, no organisation succeed without team. We are part of such team, drive through the team, give the best. Not much care about the ratings and performance appraisals. If you are giving your best, the recognition will automatically follows you. The only thing I believe is when I leave office in the evening that it should satisfy my heart that I have given the best for the day. Rest all does not really matter. πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Ravi,

      In IT field, we need to concentrate both hard work & smart work. We need to understand when and where to implement both. If we don't do it in the right time and the right way. Its very difficult to survey in IT world. Team performance is also very important, every one should understand your responsibility, work proactively and understand your team members. If you have good attitude with smart/hard work with best team. You are the "Winners". 😎

      Thanks for your comments.


      Hari Suseelan

    • This is an excellent add here is........ the employee needs to be in right role and right person for the job otherwise we can't expect results, career planning is more important that we should see the employees capabilities and performance, where he/she will be more beneficial? and is this is aligned with employees and organization's career plans? his/her trainings/job qualifications make him/her a suitable candidate and if employee is ready to take the challenges or just to fill in the space we are giving employees mixture of job responsibilities and at end of the day just get it over by saying the results are not up to the mark........

      Kind regards,

      Farzana Mushtaq

  • HI Suseelan Hari,

    This is very useful New SCN and Fresher like me to concentrate which aspects to grow our carrier ....

    But I not Understood  this point -"You don't need to be perfect, you need to behave like professional. "

    With regards,


    • IF you behave like fully professional, automatically you will learn how to do the things perfectly and professionally and you will get positive benefits of this.. So if you are not much prefect to something just try to learn that thing professionally automatically with the time you will become perfect in that.    

      Suseelan Hari nice blog! Got some good point to implement for my career growth  πŸ™‚

  • Very well written Hari!

    I connected immediately with "Contribute more than your JD"

    I would just add few words to it...

    "Contribute more than your JD not only at work and but also in your personal front"



  • Hi Hari,

    Nice blog i agree with you on "speak speak speak" and "No gosip no politics"

    Generally i follow this.

    Looking forward to your upcomming blogs.



    • Hi Rohan,

      I am happy to see your first appreciation for me. Thank you so much for you time and comments.

      Thats great.


      Hari Suseelan

  • Hi  Hari,

    As  you mention  in  IT  , Smart  work 😐 and  hard work  😎 should  be there .

    I do not know anyone who has gotten to  the  top without hard work .That is  the  recipe πŸ™‚ . It  will not always get you to the top, but it will get you pretty near. 😳

    Regards ,


    • Keep doing both definitely you will also achieve your target. Everyone know that, to implement its very difficult that we need to have good attitude and sincerity. If you have both then it is easy to achieve the career goals.

    • Hi Kannan,

      Thanks. I wish you great success in SCN and Career. I am waiting to see more updates from you too. I request you to post good blogs related to SAP. All the best!


      Hari Suseelan

  • Haiii Hari,

    All these points you have mentioned are 100% correct and i appreciate your R&D on current scenario which is very helpful..

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome blog and I am eagerly waiting for the next one... πŸ™‚



    • Hi Bibek,

      You are welcome. I am still thinking about my blog. If I get some idea, definitely i will share new ideas to you all without fail.


      Hari Suseelan

    • Thanks for your appreciation.

      Appreciation play a vital part and which motivates each and every SCN bloggers.


      Hari Suseelan

    • Hi Sayantan,

      Thanks for your comments and observation. Without promotion, if you work continuously there is no meaning for our hard work and smart work. Promotion is very important which will help us to move forward.


      Hari Suseelan

  • Hi Hari,

    you're a very charismatic person, really!

    You have the great talent of motivating people, that's fantastic;-)

    I like your post and agree with all what you say.

    However... personally, I feel attracted by those people who are acting opposite to some of what yo describe: don't speak too much, do their work without highlighting it. This might not lead to optimal career opportunities...but has truly merit.

    I hope you understand what I want to say. What you write is perfect, but I would like to see the career mechanism move to one that considers the "devotion to work" more and not only focus on "devotion to career" (articulated a bit overdrawn, I know)

    Kind Regards - and never give up, my friend;-)

  • Hi Hari,

    Good Job..

    All of your points are good.

    But we should be capable to valuate our manager and management. Otherwise we cannot get promoted even we follow all these steps.


    Maruthamuthu Subramani.