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Bugs in BO Data Services

Hi all,

           This is a blog in which i would like to discus the bugs we come across the SAP BO Data Services.

  1. Lookup_ext

               Lets think that we have 3 Query transforms. In first Query transform we are performing a lookup_ext to get a value (say lookupvalue). So we will have a column lookupvalue in Query2. Now if we right click ‘lookupvalue’ and select Map To Output. Now the Query3 will throw an error. If we look at the error we can see the mapping for lookupvalue in Query3 is follows


Where as it should have been



     This happens only when we are doing the Map To Output option. If we are dragging and dropping it to the output panel this error will not come up.

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  • I personally find the designer canvas bugs to be most enjoyable.

    If you have a script, a dataflow a second dataflow and pipes connecting the 3.

    Control click the script and also the pipe between the 2 dataflows.  Now drag the pipe and see what happens.

    You'll amaze all your friends with this one.  😛

    [edit]for more fun, add another dataflow+pipe and control click on the pipe in the middle and two outer objects.  Fun for the whole family.[/edit]