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What’s the story on SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark?

How do you know what your workforce knows? How do you measure their knowledge, skills and attitudes? As the video below eloquently states: “In a world where people are your most important assets, you need to be sure”.

To help customers become surer, SAP has introduced a new application, SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark, to its portfolio to help SAP customers who need to assess knowledge, skills and abilities for learning and regulatory compliance needs.

Questionmark has been working in the field of assessment management for over 25 years, and we are proud that SAP has chosen our technology to be the SAP offering for assessments.

You can read more in a recent blog post by SAP Education’s Stewart Davis’s: SAP Education adds assessment technologies powerhouse Questionmark to its portfolio.  And check out this short video, which explains how the product helps solve business problems:

SAP and SAP Education are held in high regard for the quality of their training and learning software, as well as for SAP’s wider offerings in compliance and human capital management.  As part of the process for SAP to add Questionmark technology to their portfolio, SAP conducted a thorough review of our technology. I can personally vouch for the intensity and thoroughness of SAP’s product quality process.  Questionmark’s OnDemand service and on-premise solution have been carefully reviewed for accessibility, data protection, documentation, functional correctness, globalization, intellectual property, lifecycle management, operations and support, performance, security, usability and much more.  I can see why the “best run” businesses choose SAP, because SAP product quality procedures are comprehensive and impressive.

Questionmark technology integrates with both SAP Learning Solution and SuccessFactors Learning. Assessments can be created and delivered in just one language, or translated into many languages. If you need to deliver assessments in the SAP environment, SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark offers a practical solution. You can read more information on the product here.

I regularly post on the Questionmark blog about good practices in using assessments and how assessments can help solve business problems in regulatory compliance, certification and learning.  Now that SAP has introduced its assessment application, I will blog on SCN to share assessment good practice and insights with the SAP community.

But this isn’t my first blog post on SCN, so check out some of my earlier posts which explain how existing SAP and Questionmark users get value from the combination of our technologies:

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  • Dear John,

    Thanks for the information. Can you please explain what features we may missout if we are implementing SAP LSO without Questionmark as it involves extra cost ?

    Please share some industry best practices for small and mid size industries (Emp strength- 500 to max 3000) where Questionmark seems costlier and client doen't want to go for it.



    • Niladri

      Thanks for the question

      A lot of organizations look at an assessment management system to help them with regulatory compliance needs. I wrote a series of posts  explaining some of the business benefits of using online assessments for compliance on SCN, here is a link to one of the posts

      In general, the key reason to use an assessment management system rather than an LMS is to help you produce assessment results that you can TRUST. If you are going to rely on the results of an assessment to recruit, promote, validate or otherwise impact the careers of your workforce, you need to ensure that the authoring, delivery and reporting has been done professionally. And if you are going to use assessment results to demonstrate to your regulator that your employees are competent, you need to show them not just scores but evidence that the assessments are well run. For small and mid size organizations, it's often useful to use the Cloud Edition of SAP Assessment Management to reduce deployment costs and delegate the running of it.

      Some key capabilities in SAP Assessment Management:

      - An item bank where you can structure questions by topic and allow re-use

      - An item authoring tool that is easy for subject matter experts to use for creating and reviewing questions

      - A version tracking capability so you can see all the changes made to questions over time, which helps legal defensibility

      - Author once and deliver to a range of devices

      - Item (question) statistics reports that you can use to check that your questions are good quality, and allows you to remove poorly performing questions

      - The ability to group questions by topic and then present topic scores, topic feedback and have topic pre-requisites so someone cannot pass a test unless they also pass a topic

      - Responsive design so that the assessment works well on mobile devices

      - Test security capabilities to reduce the likelihood of cheating and fraud

      - Observational assessments to measure performance not just knowledge

      - Seamlessly translate, manage, and deliver multilingual assessments

      I hope this helps.

      If you or anyone else is interested, I am participating in a webinar with Thomas Jenewein of SAP and Simone Buchwald of EPI-USE (who was one of the creators of LSO) on Wednesday October 1st, see Webcasts for details.