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SCN resolution: 2014

A very happy new year to all.

On this very first day of new year, I’m thinking of doing something different. I have seen people making resolutions for the new year, further bending them their way and finally getting rid of it ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, it happens. Resolution are somewhat easy to make and but difficult to implement.

So I’m thinking, why don’t we, not just me, make a resolution for this year which is not at all difficult to follow.

“Keep the forum clean and engage properly”

I have worked a bit & tried to understand the intent of such OPs. I think I can conclude some of their kinds in following way,

  • New member who has heard about SCN from colleagues that it is just another forum to ask queries and get the result. He doesn’t bother, basically doesn’t even think about going for Rules or missions. He put it straight in the forum and get suggestion. His only intent is to get solution. Once resolved, he’s gone!
  • Lazy member who put a query and log in after a fortnight/month when he is reminded of the issue. He then comment on suggested solutions and start testing them. Gone into eternity !!
  • Confused member, kinda breed of New & Lazy member but one step ahead. Get to know about SCN, put a query right away in the forum he lands upon, and forget until he is reminded of the issue. He then open his account again but can’t find his post. “No problem, I’ll put it again” and we can see a similar question from the same user at more than one forum. This kind can also be seen putting their functional query in Support and career forums.
  • Analytic member, kinda serious ones ! They put a query, most of times even participates regularly ! They follow the suggestions, actively test them and get results. But again, do not follow the rules. Why ? During the suggestion and testing phase, they come across a new functionality or issue and even if they don’t, they get something in their minds. They put it in the same thread and thread becomes an endless loop ๐Ÿ˜
  • Smart member, though rare but surely there!!  Nobody knows why he do log in, not even him. He would be online occasionally & start posting on every query he see, no matter it is open or closed. Going further, he would search the forum, get much older posts and comments on them. This is the reason sometimes we see several older posts flashing into the forum right on the top. I call it SMART member because he knows how to explore forum for various posts and how to comment. But he never cares about exploring SCN.

So basically in all such situations,

  • threads would remain open,
  • duplicate thread would keep on coming,
  • no response from the OP,
  • assumed answers we see,
  • older posts flashing up
  • etc.

Lets’ make us all a resolution. Resolution to keep it professional, clean and precise. I sometimes even think of a new badge for it ๐Ÿ˜Ž “Resolution badge” which can be earned only after following certain rules and prerequisites. But again, these members won’t care about it and another resolution will go in dark.

In a hope to see SCN members in much improved version, I wish you all success and happiness in this year and all the years to come.


Nitin Jinagal

PS: These are my personal thoughts and does not intend to target any member directly ๐Ÿ˜›

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  • Anything that helps keep the forum clean!!!

    I know a lot of the problems just stem from our busy lives.  We get our answer, (or don't!), and always mean to come back to close out questions but life grabs us and the next thing you know, we have open questions that are 3 months old.

    The ones that bother me the most are the ones involving basic questions.  Questions where it's obvious the person hasn't spent anytime in QM.  Has not studied the help files, has not "practiced" in a sandbox, etc... The forum is not meant to be a training course.  It is not meant to teach you QM.  I don't mind a handful of these, especially when it comes to some of the lesser known elements of QM but some are way too basic.

    The forum is meant to help users and consultants understand some of the more technical aspects, how things work behind the scenes, some of the technical objects.  Things not found in Help files.  It's to throw out new business processes that maybe an experienced consultant hasn't mapped before in SAP and they are looking for approaches and options they haven't thought of.  It's to understand if something being seen is really a bug, or a feature.  Should it be reported to OSS?

    There are so many SAP help files, historical postings in SCN and other forums, free published PDF documents, OSS consulting notes, etc.. that you should almost be able to teach yourself SAP modules if you decide you want to put the time in.

    Once you've explored all those options.. then come here and post.  And when you post, don't just give us a one sentence question.  If you expect a good answer, you need to think about writing a good question.  System version is always good to provide.  There are several differences between 6.0 and 6.0 with EHP4.  Lets us know YOUR thoughts on the issue and what YOU have done to try and resolve it.  What have YOU tested.  What have YOU read.  Give us some indication that this question is important to you.  If we feel like it's important to you, we'll probably take it more seriously and spend more time trying to help you.  Respond promptly!  If you post a question, don't wait a week to check it.  Check it at LEAST daily, if not 2 or 3 times a day.  Again...if you aren't responsive, why should we be?

    And remember... we do remember people and their questions.  It's human nature.   Build a reputation.  The better your rep, probably the better interest in your questions.


    • Craig:

      Excellent response...I don't like lazy questions either.  My other pet peeve is shortened words such as "plz".  Why should we bother to help if you cannot complete a sentence or a word?

      Everyone should practice wise words in Craig Cmehil's book "search before you post".

      • I do completely agree Tammy Powlas

        Another such instances I have seen with queries like "How to map this into SAP" without giving a second thought of providing the actual scenario and user requirement. It just gets very difficult to respond to such query as standard mapping is available almost everywhere.


    • The more of those vanilla questions get posted, the less time will be spend per question. And a more sophisticated question gets then unfortunately no answer or 10 vanilla answers.

      I actually fear that the real professionals do not even post a second time.

      I am not sure if we (my colleagues in the company) are different from yours , but if we talk about issues we rarely expect a full blown solution. We often just need a new thought which will then be developed further on ones own.

      In the application forums the vanilla answer is often: ask your Abaper

      and in the ABAP forum it is often just talked about coding.

      I personally would never expect to get a functional spec here, or a coding from the ABAP forum. But talking about a possible way. And this is something what I really miss, a collaboration towards a common approach.

      • Hi Jürgen L

        One thread I saw yesterday where OP has posted a query and an active member has given a link to refer. He referred it and asked another question out it. He gave OP another link, and OP referred it asked next question.

        Gosh.. It ended only when third member came in and asked OP to search the forum by himself.


    • Perfect Craig S.

      This basic question thing is surely another kind but I had to drop the idea of putting it into the blog because I have once seen this discussion Basic Question

      But the way you have defined it, surely gives it a shot. It would be an honor for me if you could add a little of your thoughts in the blog ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Hi Nitin,

    Another kind of member species is over enthusiastic member - who always tries to jump on any question, so we get same answer repeatedly.

    Also I would urge community to control on "Thanks for your comment" postings.

    Happy new year to all.


  • Hey Nitin,

    Opened this blog for completing my missions. Subject is impressive therefore I opened it. Good to see that you are all so concerned about keeping this stage clean and healthy for discussions. Nice write up and wonderful analysis. I'll try not to fall in any of these categories.