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SAP Industry Solutions – Public Sector

Today I just want to explain you all the available industry solutions from SAP AG. Along with all the Industry Solutions we have one more area where there is a big business opportunity worldwide and it has been recognized by SAP AG that is the reason we have one industry solution i.e Public Sector – Connecting Government and Citizens.

Before we discuss into this public sector we will see all the SAP Industry Solutions:

sap public sector.png

In the above screen I have searched for Public Sector but I did not find much information on Government Governance or Government Administration process.

My intention and special request to SAP AG to develop a good and most performance based application through which a simple leader can also lead a state or district governance (or administration) will be so easy and most useful for all the citizens of that particular state or district.

The reason to highlight this point is, there are people who have public interest and image but no administration skills (many cases in different states or countries). If SAP AG can provide such an application through which a simple leader (who have public interest but not managerial skills) can also run a government in an appraisable and productive manner. Here the application will have the features towards governing the system in an appropriate and welfare of the public perspective.

Things to be provided by the Government to all citizens a basic needs and Quality life.



Health Facilities (Insurance to all)

So, that application should take the lead in governing the system. The other way Government runs in a system driven process or system driven passion.

I have found the below information on

This needs to be added more and more features and activities based on the video features.(my opinion based on the video).

SAP might have a separate marketing wing to market this particular segment i hope.

I will update this blog as and when I have got ideas and based on time availability.

2-minute video from SAP AG : Learn more about our software for the public sector

SAP AG should have to market it worldwide as soon as possible because now a days competitors are eagerly waiting for new thoughts and applications to copy.

Thanks and Regards,

Siva kumar D.

sap public sector.png
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