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You Learn Something New Every Day, do you?

Interesting question, or?

I mean, I just want to share some things with you that are walking through my mind every day.

I think we all  face every day new things to fight with… Isn’t that the cool thing about our job … Not having a job being at one machine, putting just things in a way together and can pick up the brain again 8 or 10 hours later?

I love my job, sometimes I hate it (who don’t), but most of the time I’m totally into it and pretty sure, that getting a developer was the best choice I ever made in my life with regard to my work-life, of course.

(The other best thing was to marry my 😘 wife… No, I’m not just saying that, because she will never read my blog here 🙂 )

Back on topic. I’m really a bit confused when I talk sometimes to people, doing such creative jobs than I do. Some of them do completely disagree with me. 😕 They just say, I do my job to earn money, or why should I spend my off time to get in touch with new things…

And that is the reason, why I decided to write a blog about it. I want to share my view to this and why I’m trying to learn every day something new.

Here are my points, why I do that (just the points, that are relevant for our daily work ):

  1. I’m hungry to see how the developing change
  2. I think, I will get very fast a old guy, when not train my brain and teach it every day
  3. I want to show myself, that I can get into new things and get new opportunities
  4. I want to make my developing better and improve my skills
  5. I want to make my daily things that easy, that it could be
  6. I don’t want to waste my time with horrible tv-shows ( god, I think I lost a lot of braincells in the past by watching it 😆 )
  7. Out of point 6, I got time 😉
  8. I think, it makes people more interesting (In this special case it’s me)
  9. I like getting in touch with people doing the same as I do and I get in touch with new people that way
  10. Give a tribute to the people, sharing their knowledge (by reading it and give them a like ℹ )
  11. It helps me to get more creative
  12. It keep my mind busy which help me feel and stay younger ( Ok, second point is nearly the same in other words, but this a big point, so I repeat it 🙂 )
  13. And of course, having fun by just doing it, also it is very easy

What are your reasons?

Why are you here, blogging or sharing your information?

I would be pleased if you leave your reasons in the comments.

Found a very nice picture putting my hole blog in just two words.

Isn’t it?

Thank you for reading to the end.

In case you reached this point, here is a fantastic quote I found somewhere in the internet:

Sir Francis Bacon, an English philosopher and writer who lived during the 17th century, once said, “Knowledge is power.” When you have knowledge, you have the power to achieve many things. You gain something important and can make use of that knowledge in your daily life.



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  • Hi FLorian,

    It was really nice to read your blog.

    Ofcourse we all come here to increaser our knowledge and to learn new concepts and things. Infact your blog has taught me something valueable. Thanks for shariong your thoughts and making people realise that you should not work only to earn your living. Rather you should have that curiousity to know new things at work each and every day.



  • I am here to learn from others, and meet new poeple.  As well as challange my brain, and my very limited tech skills to delevop myself as a better person, and employee.  But I do love my job at Firmenich.  I believe that if you are not happy when you are at work, then you are doing the wrong type of job, I will not go to a job I dread.  Life is to short.

  • Nice Blog Florian. 🙂

    I am here to learn as much as possible and equip myself into a valuable resource in the field am working 🙂 .

    What i love in SCN is it is a place where you can find knowledge at its purest form and can be easily understood if you have the will.

    Hats of to SCN 🙂 .



  • Hi,

    Your blog is one of the unique-in-class. It is simple, straight yet wonderful.

    To share my reasons, I landed into SAP around three years back purely by luck. Only thing known to me before, that working on SAP need T Codes. That's all !!

    Today, things are different and I'm still learning. My reason is to know what SAP has to offer, what other people do with it, how they do get out of it, what do they face, what other functionality could be there to use with similar settings and lot others..

    I sometime give a laugh to myself when I see my posts from initial days in SCN. Why I'm saying this? Because it reflects my development, it tells me that there is always numerous things to learn. My business scenario didn't change, but my understanding surely did 🙂

    That's why I'm here and will always be. To gain, to share, to know and to return !!


  • Hi Florian Henninger,

    What an imagination ! You are terrific. A + blog and you're a great example for others! Keep up the good work! This blog is something different and new to me. Keep contributing more in SCN and I like to read more blogs from you. Now I become great AC of you not fan.  😆 All the best!


    Hari Suseelan

  • yes florian .... I learnt new things from your blog and happy to read. I reached and crossed In case you reached this point 🙂 .

    SCN is for a good reason - SAP itself improving developers skills by facilitating developers in network with community name in it (or developer name in it - SDN).

  • Hi Florian,

    Thought provoking blog. Ended with a good question.

    Well, our environment is something that affects us a lot. Choosing right company and environment is necessary so that we are able to channelize our brain in the place it is meant to be. SCN for me is that right channel. Presently I am not working and I don't wish to direct my mind in a place that does not deserve my time(like TV shows u mentioned). This doesn't mean that I am all away from shows on the television. However it's reduced(a sign of progress 😉 )

    Secondly, it's good to at least know "what's going on" with technology and the world. Undoubtedly SCN is the right place for the same. ℹ

    Next, meeting and communicating with new people always teaches you something different. Learning does not only mean to know about the technology. At SCN you learn how to & how not to communicate.

    Next, SCN is a global platform which in itself says that we are in touch of the diversity that exists in this world. Isn't that great? 😎

    These were a few reasons and the list doesn't end here..

    I believe, if you are feeding your brain the right thing then you are definitely growing.

    Thanks for sharing, what's in your mind. It indeed helped many of us to ask the same question to ourselves.

    Appreciate your write-up.


  • Hi Florian,

    I just read the blogs and make myself familiarize with new concepts or correcting my knowledge on old things if applicable(4 th,10th,11th points). I had never got chance to share knowledge(when ever thought of writing blog gets a blog already existing in scn. so drop off the idea) and I am planning for a new blog . Need to see what and when it happens.....

    • I'm pretty sure there is a gap to fill for you 😉

      My first blog also had a long journey before I published it. I searched a lot and in the end I thought a new view would also be worse.