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                   I am going to share my experiences in migrating Web Templates from 3.5 to 7.0 in this blog. There will be some Tips and Tricks as well as Observations too.


  • Anything on lower version will have to be upgraded to latest or at least -1. I mean currently we have BW 7.3/7.4 version. So we should be at least on 7.0 or above.
  • If we are still on 3.5, then we will not be able to upgrade to SAP GUI 7.3. 🙁 I am making one thing very clear here. I am talking about just GUI 7.3 upgrade. It’s not about BW 7.3 upgradation ℹ
  • SAP GUI 7.3 is compatible only with 7.0 and above 😉

Steps to be carried out for Migration

  • Go through all your designs of 3.5 Web templates to observe the usage of 3.X library items. You might have used below 3.X library items. There may be others as well.




  • Important SAP Notes to be followed are Notes: 844012 , 832712 and 832713

  • We need to migrate all observed 3.X library items with a standard SAP Program : RSZW_ITEM_MIGRATION_3X_TO_70

  • Goto SE38 and carefully observe all Selection options( Simulate, Overwrite originals and Role Adjustments etc) in Execute screen. You can take your own call What to choose 😉
  • To migrate above 3.X items, you have to choose first selection like below. Choose Multiple selection and paste all items


When you execute with above selection, it will ask you to confirm below entries. Say OK


Migration will be completed and will show us results like below. 🙂


  • WAD 7.0 has given us a nice Migration Tool 🙂 which can be found below :–


  • Select 3.5 Web Template and continue to migrate. If no errors found 😉 , your web templates will be migrated to 7.0. System will ask us to save in new technical names. One good thing here is, migration process does not over write on 3.5 Web templates. I mean you can still access 3.5 templates by logging through WAD 3.5 🙂
  • Most possible errors could be :– 😥

              It may throw any 3.X library Items to be migrated through SAP standard FM

              If any custom Web Items/Templates of 3.5 also have to be migrated

  • The most important thing here is, ℹ

               All your 3.5 web templates are in HTML code. When we migrate them to 7.0, it gets converted to XML(XHTML) Code with some extra lines of code.


  • We need to select that particular code in XML(XHTML) tab and delete it. Then all your errors will be vanished. 🙂 🙂


  • Do not expect 100% exact look and feel 😉 in 7.0 web templates after migration.
  • We need to adjust our new web templates till we get similar layouts like 3.5
  • In fact, we can show much better and effective layouts with WAD 7.0
  • Alignments will be a headache task and we should make them very carefully in all web templates
  • You might have used “Text Elements” in 3.5 templates to show Query Description on top of the Report as Header. The same does not look great after migration to 7.0. To make it more brighter and highlighted, we can simply type the Report name in 7.0 Template in Bold and decent font size.
  • No custom XHTML codes are required to show buttons like Export to Excel, CSV, Print, PDF etc..They can be easily achieved in 7.0 🙂 by using “Button Group” web items with respective commands


               We can achieve all our WAD 3.5 requirements with various workarounds in WAD 7.0. It is very effective as far as Portal or Web Analyzer usage is concerned. Hope my experiences will help you mates.

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  1. Krishna Chaitanya

    Good to see another useful and informative blog from you.  Important thing is that you suggested to follow these SAP Notes: 844012 and 832712.

    Keep it up Boss. 🙂


    Krishna Chaitanya.

  2. Former Member

    Informative as usual coming with unique topic and that too very simple manner, thanks for sharing and making us enriching of all sapiens knowledge…. 🙂



  3. Former Member

    Hello Suman,

    Again a very useful document by you ( and as usual nice way of presentation) .

    Thanks for sharing ! Bookmarked ..!



  4. Former Member

    Hi Suman,

    Thanks for the advice, it´s help me a lot but Ihave a question…

    We are working with PPM (Portafolio Project Management) and we have a lot of reports that they call the standar web template, if I rename the name maybe they couldn´t run. Or just i have to activate this templates in 3.x? or I have to migrate?

    Can u help me???

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Laura Vazquez ,

      You are welcome! Pleased to know my blog helps you 🙂 .

      Coming to your query, you have to migrate all standard 3.X templates to 7.0. Please keep in mind all my observations and suggestions while migrating.



      1. Former Member

        OK Suman,

        I´m working now with the migration of the first template and have some errors that I have to Fix 😯 we have a lot of work here….jejeje …..but nothing it´s imposible….I tell you the news so soon 😏

        Thanks a lot,

        Laura 🙂

      2. Former Member

        Hi Suman,

        I couldn´t migrate the first template because the client have problems with the Web Application, when I fix during the conversion i clean all the errors and warnings but when I click the boton “Continue Conversion” it´s sent a message that it “NOT RESPONDING”, now they are checking this issue and I´m waiting to resolve.

        I check SM50 and it´s not appear that I was in the Web Application, but it´s appear the sesion that I have in BW and tue Query Designer.

        SM37 without process

        Are you ever have this kind of problems?

        Best Regards,


          1. Former Member

            Suman this article has very good info.

            But I’ve one question , we want to migrate our web reports which are in 3.x to web 7.x. Currently we’ve sap gui 720 installed.

            I migrated first report and its giving me erorrs like I explain in below thread.

            BW 3.x web template migration issue

            Since I didn’t have any library items in 3.x web report I didn’t used migration report.

            But my issue is how I’ll solve these errors and other thing is my report got upgraded in BI 7 besides error but I can’t see that in our portal any more,though I published.

            Any help will be greatly appreciated here.

  5. Former Member

    Hi Suman,

    We are migrating our Web templates from 3.X to 7.X .After migrating we have 1 functionality of selecting data for copy which is not working .If we disable the ACTIVATE NAVIGATION in the table properties then it is working fine. But we will not be able to see the context menu like GOTO,Remove DrillDown. It is showing the Internet Explorer default context.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Suraj,

      Thanks for writing to me. Unfortunately, I have not come across your kind of requirement. Hope you have made it in a customized way for selecting data for copy. I suggest you to come up with an another way without disabling the navigation setting. Basically you need to try with a different approach.

      I suggest you to take a copy of your XML code before disabling the setting in a notepad. Similarly after the disabling. You may then compare these two codes where exactly it is differing. By doing so, you may get some new ideas.



  6. Former Member

    Hi Suman,

    In WAD 7.x,the mouse functionality of copy(CTRL+C) paste(CTRL+V) does not works on analysis item.In WAD 3.x,we could do this functionality easily.Many pf them suggested to do with javascript but I need Mouse functionality of Copy Paste.Could u help us in this problem.




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