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Third party subcontracting

Hi All,

I came across with a new functinality Third party subcontracting. It is mix of sub contracting and a third party process.

The only difference technically here is inspite of creation of a third party order it creates a subcontracting order.

Another important aspect is the subcontractor directly sends the finished material to the customer directly inspite of sending it back to the plant.

This is new addition in EHP5 package of SAP also known as Outsourced Manufacturing 2 in ERP operations (LOG_MM_OM_2)

Process steps:

1) Creation of a sales order and creation of PR automatically.

2) Subcon PO creation from the sub con PR.

3) Creation of a outbound delivery to the subcontractor.

4) Creation of a goods receipt (if required)

5) Creation of an Invoice.

6) Creation of a billing doc.

Effect in Sales.

Item cat : TADS (subcontracting DS)

Item cat group: BADS(subcontracting DS)

Assignment of Item cat:

Sales order (SO)+BADS+TADS+(TAS, manual item cat)+TAN (manual item cat)

Schedule line cat:

new available DS or copy it from CS

settings for schedule line :

PO type : NB

item cat group: 3

account assign cat : X (auxillary acc assignments)

Assignment of schedule line :

TADS + DS + CS (manual)+ CB(manual)

Third party config help from another blog post.

Subcontracting config in another node.

More notes are available in.

SAP Library for SAP ERP on SAP Help Portal at -> SAP ERP Central Component -> SAP ERP Enhancement Packages -> ERP Central Component Enhancement Package 5 -> SAP ERP Central Component -> Logistics ->otes are also available in

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