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SAP Data Services 4.x Certification Tips

Hi All,

We all know that SAP Education, recently released a new certification on SAP Data Services 4.x version. Regarding this, one blog was published by Ina Felsheim long back. To see the full details of the blog, click here:

I had many doubts regarding Certification on 4.x version like what modules are included i.e., only Data Integration or both both Data Integration and Data Quality, Is Text Data Processing included, Is SAP extraction is included or not and so on. Even after referring the above blog and going through other certification related threads in SCN and other portal, my doubts were not fully clarified. Last week, i cleared my certification on SAP Data Services 4.x version and by that all my doubts are fully clarified.

I thought, to share my experience, topics covered and tips in SCN and i hope this blog will help to those who are going to attempt / taking certification in future. This blog will clear all the doubts on 4.x certification. Also, refer the above blog which will helps a lot.

1. Certification Title: SAP Certified Application Associate – Data Integration with SAP Data Services 4.x

As title says Data Integration with SAP Data Services 4.x, the certification includes only Data Integration topics i.e., Only Data Integrator Transforms are covered not Data Quality Transforms. So, no need to prepare Data Management related topics for this certification.

2. SAP Data Services Version: 4.x (4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2) – Preferable to go through with 4.1 / 4.2 version User Manual for preparation.

3. Topics Included: As mentioned in above blog, BODS10 is the base Training Material and all the topics in BODS 10 are covered in this certification.

4. Additional Topics Included (apart from BODS 10): Text Data Processing (TDP), Performance Optimization and SAP Extraction

5. Apart topics covered in BODS10 and additional topics listed in point 4 above, this certification also covers 30% hands on experience i.e., scenario based related questions. So, it is preferable to have minimum working experience on SAP Data Services 4.x version.

6. Cut off Marks: Total questions – 80, Cut of Marks – 64 % (i.e., minimum you have to correct 52 Questions), Total Time – 180 Min., Question Pattern – Objective Type (Single or Multiple answers – for multiple answers, clearly mention how many are correct)

7. Reference Material: As per my experience, check BODS10 for the topics and for preparation better go through with User Manual 4. 1 or 4.2 version (you can download from SAP Help portal), concentrate more on below topics:

  • Designer Guide
  • Reference Guide
  • Performance Optimization Guide
  • Supplement Guide for SAP

8. CMC & DS Workbench Topics: As per my experience, no questions are covered from BOE CMC (also called BIP or IPS) & Data Services Work Bench

9. Other Tips: This version certification covers questions more from knowledge or awareness of SAP Data Services tool, but as i said more than 30 % of questions are scenario based, working experience is must to take the certification.

I hope the above points / tips will help you for preparation to take the SAP Data Services Certification in 4.x version.

All the Best!


Ramakrishna Kamurthy

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  • Hi Ramakrishna Kamurthy,

    Good blog for information on certification. Good tips for people preparing for the Certification and I am preparing one and I found that most of the topic areas are covered in the given reference material (Thank You), however can you guide me and refer for topic such as Complex Design Methodology & Advance Data Transformation. Although Advanced Data Transformation is partly covered in the designer guide. Can you please assist me in reference to  Complex design.....

    Thanks again


    A Junaid

    • Hi Junaid,

      As it is Associate level certification, almost all questions are covered from BODS10, go through the complete documentation(BODS 10) that enough.


      Ramakrishna Kamurthy

      • As mentioned in points 4, 5 and 9 of the post, expect quite some questions outside the BODS10 course material. The inclusion of such questions in C_DS_41 is inevitable as DS can be used in an endless list of use and business cases and for such a wide range of source and target systems and formats that it is not feasible to all be covered in BODS10.  To play on the safe side, I would recommend up to 2 - 3 years on the job experience before attempting this exam.

  • Thanks Ramakrishna Kamurthy & Dirk Venken for your valuable suggestions. Initially I underwent Training & Web Assessment for SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Solutions Product Knowledge for Solution Consultants(PartnerEdge). I have an experience of 1.2 years in Data Services. I didn't register for the course and hence don't have BODS10 Documentation material and I am planning to register for the exam (not for the course) from Pearsonvue. So is it too early to go for BODS certification? Or to be on a safer side as suggested by Dirk Venken and stall. Guys please assist on this issue. Your guidance is highly appreciated at this juncture. Thank You



    • 70% of the questions are more oe less covered by BODS10, I would say attending the course (or acquiring the same level of knowledge in an alternative way) is mandatory; and practical project experience will definitely help.

      30% of the questions are on other topics. That's what you also need project experience for.

      • Hi Dirk,

        I have 4.5 year of experience in BODI and BODS, Is it necessary to register
        the course or i can directly register for certification exam



        • I assume you've acquired the required level of knowledge, that way. It wouldn't make much sense anyway to still register for what basically is an introductory course.