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The Difference Of Similarities

The difference among the similarities is the most precious thing and the most sought after uniqueness in business and as well in one’s life; strange, puzzling, enigmatic, distinctive, mystifying and inexplicable as it is but the most thrilling actuality. All depends on THE difference. When one reflects, one comprehends, that, it is the simplest thing there is.

I suppose it increases the threshold of our awareness so as to start noticing things, that otherwise, wouldn’t have been noticed. Of course, there is perhaps, a sense of intensification that brings these differences, somehow, in a way, makes them attractive, picturesque, beautiful, adorable, magnificent, and exquisite.

Discovery of a world of differences beyond sight is a collective expression of inspiring personalities, a priceless story, an endless journey, a meaningful travelogue, a memorable expedition, and an awesome serendipity. The difference, it is such a thing. Behold the difference.


The air we breathe, the eyes we see; the sound we listen; the freshwater we drink; the food we eat; the cloth we wear; the flavors we taste; the love we look; the heart we hold; the touch we feel; the smell we sense; the talk we walk; the books we read; the pets we pat; the freedom we have; the virtues we vow.

The music we like, the songs we sing, the movies we watch, the substances we possess, the things we buy, the desires we consume, the future we value, the sports we game, the teams we support, the character we acknowledge, the beliefs we believe, the promises we make, the wisdom we uphold, the values we respect.

The wishes we realize, the aspirations we follow, the dreams we foresee, the journey we make, the path we travel, the expedition we take, the beauty we behold, the homes we build, the family we raise, the happiness we live, the peacefulness we aspire; the memories we create, the life we experience, the life we fulfill, the salvation we attain, the times we live in.


The gentle embrace of sublime sunshine you see the first time when you woke up; colorful pristine hues of serenely raising sun, breath-taking; distant melodious resonance of chimes; mystic fresh dew, soft and soothing sound of music, delightful words of love, magnetic smell of a freshly brewed tea and the coffee; fragrance of freshly prepared sumptuous food.

The freshness of the seasons; spirit of the spring; stepping on bare foot on shipshape grass-ground; comforting warm wind whispering in the trees; squeezing sound of the leaves; mesmerizing walk in the park; children playing in park; friendly scuffling children; kids learning to speak, walk and run; gorgeousness of the blossoming flowers; fascinating fragrance of the bloom; dew drops on flowers, angelic breeze; tweeting sound of the birds; sun slipping through the shades of the trees; nurturing a garden; planting a home tree; relaxing cool run along the track-field; cycling on countryside; lovely daughter on an evening walk holding a finger; footprints on fresh snowfall; mountain climbing; watching a spectacular constellation of the stars.

The journeying along the sides of mountain river; sound of streaming water; bouncing pebble in the stillness of a lake; the mysterious world of the cosmos and the bright stars, fantastic sky and the mystifying clouds; a long walk on the side-lines of seashore; the view of sunrise and the sunset and of the resounding sea; view from a mountain; breathing deeply after a long walk; spending time in the wilderness; thunders of lightning and the rain; the whiff of the earthen soil; hot shower after an intense workout; the color and the vibrancy of sunrise and sunset on a geographically enigmatic and captivating forest; wonderful landscapes of heavenly character at twilight and the dawn; a spellbinding oasis; a walk on a frozen lake with colorful fishes below; snowfall lit by sparkling neon lights; a lively tête-à-tête.

The joyful times of shopping malls; colorful decorations; smell of fresh paint; whispers of people shopping; soft edges of imaginatively shaped hangers; seeing things you always wished to buy at heavenly sale price; courteously helping handpicked mission-like shopping team to make selections and choices; finding things perfectly fits in; cashing in complimentary gift coupons; soothing background music; meeting pals and friends; smell of a new magazine; the photographs and the images of moments; the sound of fiddling through a new stable-bound book you have been waiting to read; hypnotizing perfume; sipping hot cuppa with fresh cookies after an exhaustive shopping; tummy-aching heartfelt laugh; a walk to a favorite restaurant; enjoying mystifying cocktail with pristinely delicious multi-cuisine; captivating moonlight; hugs and kisses.

The praises, the shouts, the uproars, the woofs, the howls, the applauds, the claps, of celebrations; watching a parade in admiration, of people serving in uniform; a snap salute in gratitude, in respect, in humility, in acknowledgement, in recognition; a lovely home; watching movie with family and friends; reading a bedtime story to kids; humming a favorite song; an opinion that matters; building a supportive community; giving an outstanding speech; writing a moving poem; reciting an inspiring poem to a huge audience; a concert, an opera, a pop and rock show; appreciative compliments; fantastic and supportive team; awards of recognition; a successful engaging presentation; watching favorite television shows; a hot chocolate drink on stormy afternoon; kids learning to spell and walk; objects of affection; the fruits, the nuts, the vegetables, the wildflowers and the like; playing a favorite music instrument; a good conversation; trust; family get-together; chef’s privileged recipes of favorite food; a family dinner; saying thank you with a genuine smile.

The homes, the schools, the colleges, the offices; the shopping malls, the cinema halls, the parks, the playgrounds, the museums, the restaurants, the zoos, the streets, the theaters, the grocery markets, the forests and the like; compassionate affirmations of families, and friends, and pals, and companions, and confreres, and supporters, and all the loved ones — an endless stuff life is made of.


In pursuit of difference — the difference of similarities!

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