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  1. Jason Lax

    Does duplicate content hurt you in Google search? is a really good question and timely considering that The End of Guest Blogging for SEO was announced just last week.

    I don’t see any problems with syndicating blog posts. The content must be attributed to the original author and contain a text specifying clearly that the post was originally published elsewhere (with a link to it): even Google does this.

    • Google has a good overview with tips on this: Duplicate content – Webmaster Tools Help
    • I feel that the content must remain as is across all locations, just as a syndicated newspaper column would be.  You might get away with changing the title but, again, mention this in the paragraph telling the users that the post is a copy and was originally published “[Title]” and where
    • Be selective on where and don’t overdo it.

    About the practice of copying content and building on it, this is a pretty murky area. If you’re going to do it, quote just enough of the other article/post to provide a starting point of what you’re building on and let visitors go to the original source to see the rest.  Again, communicate what you are doing and why.


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