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Design Studio Webcast Summary – Beta SDK Program to Transition

I attended this webcast last week sponsored by APOS.  SAP’s Ian MAYOR discussed Dashboards and Design Studio.

Hopefully everyone has seen this:


Figure 1: Source: SAP

Ian showed other similar slides covered in other blogs, so I won’t cover here.


Figure 2: Source: SAP

Ian explained that the plan is to “bring together in one common experience, one common tool” for dashboards to address the needs of customers.

This includes mobility to consume on mobile devices, provide compelling visuals.

The plan in Figure 2 is to provide simplification, unification, one tool to build dashboards no matter how you are delivering them

He explained it is a three phase roll out.

Last year, 2013 the first phase was mobile theme; focused on HTML5 for Dashboards – re-render dashboards in HTML5

They want to catch Design Studio up to same level of visualizations, add-ons for SDKs, and customization

The next year is the unify phase, and bring together, merger them into Design Studio

They are expanding data connectivity – new future proof tool

HTML5 is the base rendering – regardless of the device

They plan to introduce migration tools to help convert XC dashboards and BEx web templates into the new environment

One tool for the future; not plan to force migration as it is difficult to retire existing content

Existing BEx web templates & XC dashboards will keep going  – focus on future innovations efforts

Design Studio

Design Studio was launched a little over a year ago

It was very focused on BEx Web Application Designer user base

Version 1.2 expands out of SAP with the Universe support

It releases every 6 months

Then the APOS team spoke about their APOS plug in – a SWF XCelsius file into Design Studio to help transition


Figure 3: Source: APOS

APOS has a Beta program to help move from Xcelsius to Design Studio – contact them on their web site at


Figure 4: Source: APOS

Figure 4 is a sample beta of XCelsius dashboard inside Design Studio

Question & Answer

Q: What versions of BI platform do you need for Design Studio?  Do you need to be on 4.1?

A: DS supports 4.0 SP6 or higher – BI4.1 – if you want Universe support you need to be on 4.1

Q: How is Design Studio licensed?

A: No additional license for Design Studio – it is included in the Dashboard license

It is a separate download and add-on

Need to go on SMP to download Design Studio

If you are licensed for Dashboards and can’t see Design Studio contact Ian Mayor

Q: How does Design Studio relate to Explorer, Web Intelligence?

A: It follows traditional BI model – a single author is trained in the tool and publishes content to end users

Explorer is a self service tool

Web Intelligence is a reporting tool while Design Studio is designed for interactive applications

Q: How is Lumira different than Design Studio?

A: Design Studio – for professional creator while Lumira is a self-service tool

My take: the XCelsius application inside Design Studio SDK is interesting and I wonder if customers will try it out.

Also, as an FYI, the Design Studio Roadmap was updated this past week – see (SMP logon required)

Interested in learning more?  BI 2014 in March has Design Studio sessions, such as this one: Leveraging SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio to deploy data-driven BI applications across Web and mobile platforms

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