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Author's profile photo Rajendrakumar Gaikwad

How to Quickly Modify and Redeploy an SCA

I landed in a situation where SAP Forums software was’t functioning as expected.

I posted on scn but could not get any response.also there weren’t any threads which talked about the issue.

we could identify the issue being that a certain column of a table was having length as 20 and there the insert statement was failing.

Since it was urgent we raised it to  OSS and they confirmed that the issue identified by us was correct and provided us instructions to fix the issue by ourselves while they release a sap note.

The steps are as follows.

1. Copy  the sca from eps/in folder to your local machine.

2. Modify the sca

3. Redeploy the sca.

once we copy the sca from server to local machine, we can modify it using a zip utility e.g 7zip.

let us see how to do it. i am taking example of Forums SCA.

1, Locate the sca on filesystem.


2. Open the SCA with 7zip or any compatible software.


3. Locate the sda required to edit, in this case we are editing the forums.db sca.


4. open the the sda .select the table which you want to edit.


5. Edit the table (this is important as if we just open it will not update the sca)


6. Change the Length as required.


7. Save the file and navigate upwards in the 7zip editor.

    At each step the editor asks you to update the file. select yes at each step.

   once you reach the base SCA. you are done with the editing.

8. For deploying we will use NWDS.

    Open the Deploy window.Navigate to External Deployable Archives and select the SCA from filesytem.

    Important property to set is the Update Strategy. set it to “update deployed archives that have same or lower component version”


9. All set, Select the SCA and Click Deploy icon.

Provide the authentication if NWDS asks for the J2EE Server and wait for deployment to finish. Depending on the SCA size it may take quite a time.

for me it took 45 mins.

10. Log on to the application and check that the error has vanished!

Hope you found this useful.



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      Author's profile photo Andy Silvey
      Andy Silvey

      Hi RajendraKumar,

      this is a nice contribution and explanation.

      I have also had situations where these steps are necessary, for example modifying the web.xml in an sca and then redeploying.

      This strategy of modifying the contents of an SDA are also used for deploying libraries in PI.

      Best regards,