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Blog Series: Demo`s about “Innovations in SAP Master Data Governance 7.0”


Maybe you have read the Innovations in SAP Master Data Governance 7.0? blog by Markus Kuppe.

If not: I recommend reading that fantastic blog because it will update you with all the “must know” information on MDG 7.0.

As a follow up, I would like to share some click-through demos in this blog series. The plan is to share more and more simple demos on the new MDG 7.0 features in the next months.

This is the list of demo`s:

Number Topic Link(s) Description
1 BCV Side Panel apps




SAP MDG 7.0 delivers several BCV CHIP applications. These click-through demos will show you the standard content.

Example: In the MDG-C click-through demo you will search for an existing customer record. After opening the details you will display the open Sales Orders in the Side Panel.

2 MDG Cleansing Cases MDG-C

New with this release, there is also merge functionality for customers and suppliers. Whenever a user identifies potential duplicates in a search result list, or when the system identifies them in a duplicate check during change request processing, the user can create a Cleansing Case that contains all potential duplicates. Using an underlying change request, this cleansing case can be processed by an expert to merge the data from all duplicates into one target record.*

* from Markus`s Blog Innovations in SAP Master Data Governance 7.0


Parallel Change Requests.


Please read this blog:

Demo on parallel change requests in MDG-M


MDG 7.0: Click-through demo for new MDG-BP scenario

direct link:

Create new Business Partner with MDG-BP. With MDG 7.0 “there are out-of-the-box governance processes for the generic SAP Business Partner. That means in addition to Supplier and Customer that were provided earlier, companies can now also govern the central data of different types of SAP Business Partners”*

* from Markus`s Blog Innovations in SAP Master Data Governance 7.0


MDG 7.0: Click-through demo for MDG-C scenario with Customer Like UI

direct link:

Demo with Customer Like UI

MDG 7.0: Click-through demo for MDG-S scenario with Vendor Like UI

direct link:

Demo with Vendor Like UI
7 DQR Scenario: MDG with Information Steward

Please read this blog:!

direct link to click through:

Although this was already available in SAP MDG 6.1 I would like to mention it in this table as well.

Please read also this official information: 9a6acb29e1484386d24b9f8850cf85/content.htm?frameset=/en/6a/3110a501c14d0ba3d8e81516af03ec/ frameset.htm

8 MDG-M Multiple Record maintenance coming soon New MDG 7.0 functionality
913-02-2014 12-40-52.jpg MDG-BP

SAP MDG 7 – Submit New Business Partner with SAP Fiori Apps

New click through demo for MDG-BP. The demo shows how to use the SAP Fiori for SAP MDG 7.0 apps. Besides the submission of a request it shows how to track the requests.

How to use the click-through-demos:

Generally the click-through-demos should be self-guiding. Just click on the link within the table below and you will be forwarded to the corresponding page. In this page you will typically see in the middle of the screen some numbers. Just click on one number and you will be guided through the first scene. Within the screenshots you will see a doted rectangular shape. Please click within this shape and you will see the next screenshot.

22-01-2014 18-20-09.jpg

If you have any questions on the shared information please contact me via SCN. All the demo`s are also available for a live demonstration on and our pre-sales experts are happy to show them to you.

Best Regards


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