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Best Practice for Promoting content using promotion Management Tool

Best Practice for Promoting content using promotion Management Tool:

Guys Please follow this simple procedure to promote the jobs Easily and effectively.

If assume you have to move some content from Development to Integration platform and if your integration platform is a brand new platform ( just installed BI 4.1 platform) and doesn’t contain anything in it except the Default user groups and the Default folders etc ( which comes with installation ) then If you try to promote a job including the security it wont work. Nothing will be promoted to destination in this case.

As a first step try to create a job which include all the User Groups which are part of security mapping and promote it to the destination.

In the second step you can now select any assets such as Folders or universes along with security by selecting this option:

Things to be Noticed:

promotion Management do not calculate the Security aspects like Users and user Groups, custom access levels etc as dependent objects and this is the reason it do not  display the security aspects in the Dependents tab, but it will calculate whine you select the above option as shown in screen shot. If you click on that View security button it will display all the dependent security objects, where as UMT acts completely different in which even security objects are calculated as dependents.

If you Upgrade to BI 4.1 SP2 you can also promote around 2000 objects in each job which is a very good news where as in the previous versions it has been already declared that only 100 objects is the limit per each job.

Please leave your feedback and reply me back If you face any trouble.


Vamsheedar Reddy Mannem

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  • Thx for that information!

    However I actually have the problem, that the deployment of BI Workspaces doesn't work. The Promotion job exits successfully but the content is not updated 🙁 I have included all depending content obejcts..

    Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

    Thx in advance,

    Christian Hoffmann

      • Hi Vamshi,

        Just so that I understand correctly.

        Step1: Promote users and usergroups with user security

        Step2 : Promote dependent objects with security.

        Step3 : Promote folders and reports with security and without dependencies.

        I believe this would best way to move entire content from source environment to destination.

        Kindly provide your inputs.

        • Hi Pavan,

          It must be in this Order:

          1. Promote users and usergroups with security (as you thought)

          2. Create a job selecting the folders and reports and go to the manage dependencies tab, where you will find the list of universes and the connections to those respective reports which you have selected and then go to the security tab and select the security for objects and access levels and then promote it.

          3. If you want to re point the universe which got promoted to destination, you can use and change the connection in IDT, save and then export it.



          • promotion management tool can't handle the step-2 if promotion is in bulk hence thought of breaking it into two parts (i.e. 1st dependencies and then reports.....)

            please help me with the following query for LCM CLI:

            promoting user and user group with security with access levels (for step -1)

            -> select * from ci_systemobjects where si_kind IN ('user', 'usergroup')

            includeSecurity=true in properties file

          • Promotion management can handle up to 2000 currently in 4.1 environment. Earlier it was only 200 objects even in the earlier SP's of 4.0. It's always better to do in batches(incremental) rather than bulk including dependencies. Choose less number of reports in step one but I would still recommend taking dependencies( universes and connections).