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Batch Derivation in Production

Batch Derivation :

Transferring batch characteristics values or batch master fields from the sender batch to the receiving batch is called “Batch Derivation”.

The component batches can pass on their Field values/characteristics values to the manufactured batch.

Scenario :

Minimum value of Manufacturing date and Expiry Date (SLED) of the component materials batches are to be transferred to header material batch during process order release automatically

Process Flow:

  • Create BOM and Recipe for Header material  – CS01
  • Create condition records for sender receiver materials – DVCO
  • Create Process Order – COR1
  • Do the batch determination for components – COR2
  • Release the process order – COR2
  • Check for the batch derivation – MSC3N

Detailed Flow:

Create BOM for header material as shown below….and also create master recipe for the header material….

Enter the relevant details Material, Plant, usage as shown below and select the derivation event as during Release of process/production order

then click on execute

Now click on create button

add two fields  SLED and Date of manufacture as shown below

Drag and Drop these two to Left side materials to create sender and Receiver condition records….

Then Save

Now check the batches of the two component materials and values of their Manufacturing date and SLED….

First component is 2160

Now check for second component is T-RJ200

Batch 1234 with MFG date as 01.07.2013 and SLED as 31.07.2014

Now create process order for header material as shown below…

save the order

go to change mode

Now Release the process order

Now save the process order



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  • Hi Kumar,


    Think few texts are not properly uploaded. Like


    Events at which the copy of characteristics values to the manufactured batch is possible are  at Goods Receipt of the manufactured quantities, during release of order,  during Usage Decision and at batch :




  • Hello Kumar,


    Good work,nice documentation…keep posting.

    If possible can i get similar document for REM scenario as this is based out on PP-PI.


    Thanks in Advance.