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Accrual IMG Settings in Bank Analyzer with IOA

Every new task brings a new learning. And so does my recent task with accruals in Bank Analyzer. Earlier though I have executed accrual scenarios but never paid close attention to the customizing settings needed until I had to configure for new business transactions types and accounting schemas.

Accruals can either be calculated in Bank Analyzer(BA). Or it can also be calculated in the external system for example TRBK as in the IOA scenario and delivered to BA in the results data layer (RDL). During Key date valuation , it reads the data from RDL and according to the posting schemas configured posts these accrual results to the corresponding G/L accounts.

So here goes the list of customizing settings relevant for accruals in IOA scenario.

In the RDL , results type ‘SGA’ is used to store accrual results with result category HKACR.It can be configured like any other result type by including characteristics and keyfigures along with the standard delivered ones.


An Inbound enterprise service can be used to populate the data in results data layer. These settings are under the IMG activity Infrastructure -> Settings for enterprise services -> Edit PI structure mapping You would also find derivation strategy . module editor etc.. to further support the SOA service mapping strategy.


Once the ‘Distribute Accruals’ run is executed in TRBK , the accrual results will be updated in RDL using the settings mentioned above.

The next set of customizing is about accrual profile.

In PML , under General calculation and valuation methods accrual methods are configured. An accrual method defines the source of accruals for each accrual item type. In can be either the Results data area or can be calculated in BA. ‘Accruals’ is an important step as this where we assign the TRBK flow type.Only if the value is maintained here , it can pick up the BT’s of this flow type.


The next step is to configure the accrual profile and its derivation based on accounting system. It is located under Internal buniess transactions IMG activity in AFI Financial position process. In this IMG activity, you define accrual profiles. Accrual profiles are used to define the accrual period and other parameters that the system requires to call the accrual methods.

After defining the accrual profile , in the derive accrual profile , it is mapped to accounting system , calculation step and the accrual item type which is defined in the accrual method level.


Once it is mapped to the calculation step, which in turn is assigned to a calculation procedure. And then the customizing settings to map between calculation step to item type to posting key figures to G/L remain the same irrespective of the process.

These are the settings required starting from reading of accrual results in RDL to posting them to the subledger. I hope I didn’t miss any settings.

Any comments are welcome.

IOA -Integration of Operational Analytical System

PML-Processes and Methods Layer
RDL -Results Data Layer
KDV -Keydate Valuation
TRBK -Transactional Banking

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      Hi, Srivijaya! This post is really helpful! I am currently working in a "logical migration" from SAP BA to SAP BS (TRBK) and I would need to understand which is all the data that BA is receiving from TRBK in order to re-create the scenario in TRBK.
      Would you help me to find out where can I see the matching between the data that TRBK distributes and this structure that SAP BA is receiving? As the fields are not called the same, I would need to make the whole analysis from zero, but I think there would be any piece of code where this mapping is clearly done.

      Thanks and kind regards!!