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Working with Zebra Printers..

This blog introduces links to my documents which deal with the process of working with Zebra printers

These documents are based on my project learnings. I was meant to design barcode labels (both generic and 2D barcodes labels) to print on Zebra printers. I faced a little difficulty finding information related to the way of working with zebra printers using smartforms and eventually had to browse through a lot of information on web.  After a few trials based on the information i found, i was able to successfully deliver the requirement. Then i decided to document my experience with Zebra printers.

The first of the documents is Way of working with Zebra printers using smartforms which lists the challenges i faced and details the solution for the same in the later part of the document. it also explains the process of printing the generic barcodes and solving their alignment issues.

The second document  How to Print Barcodes that are not supported by SAP using Smartforms in particular deals with printing Data Matrix barcode (DMC) on Zebra printers, but in general it is also a reference document to print any 2D barcodes that are not supported by SAP. I have not tried it on other printers but the process should be same when working with any other printer.

Hope this makes a difference.. 🙂

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  • Thanks for sharing. This was one of the thing pending on SCN specifically on Zebra printer. Even though number of distributed discussions and documents are found, essential information combined into single document was missing.

    Both your documents are really helpful.

    Another request to you is to share more on label printing specifically if you have some experience of doing same in multi-lingual environment.  🙂

    • Hi Parag,


           Thanks for the comments.

           could not understand what you mean by multi-lingual environment but if it is about language translation then you can use t-Code SE63 Standard translation environment to translate the smartform into other languages.



      • Hey Umar,

        I am aware of SE63. What I meant was different.

        When the same form is to be printed in different languages, a three letter word in English may need 10 characters in some other language etc. Similarly some scripts have sentences starting from write to left. Then there are considerations around Unicode and non Unicode system. So a form printing environment involving multiple languages would not be only about translating using SE63.

        So if you have similar experience and have some best practices in your mind, then it would be a good one share with the community

        • Hi Parag,

               3 letter word in english to a 10 character in some other languge can be handled in SE63, but sentences starting from right to left is something i have not worked on and yet. so i am not of much help here.

               i will surely share it in future, if i come across any such scenario, Also expecting the same from you.. 🙂