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Integrate SCN Community in ADT via RSS Feeds

In this blog post I will tell you how can display the content of the ABAP in Eclipse SCN community directly in your ADT environment. We are doing this via the RSS feeds that are provided by the SCN community page:/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/feed1_368749.png

How can I integrate the Feeds in Eclipse ?

Maybe you already discovered the Feed Reader View in Eclipse that helps you to display short dumps and system messages of an ABAP systems in your eclipse environment. These feeds are already prepared within the feed reader for you. After you have created a new ABAP project with connection to a new system a new entry is automatically added to the list of feeds in the feed reader. So you are able to see the short dumps and the system messages in the feed reader view.


As the feed reader is a generic view component within ADT to display all kind of RSS feeds we provide you the possibility to configure your own feeds in eclipse. You just have to trigger the ‘Add feed…’ button in the toolbar of the feed reader and choose the option ‘Add Atom / RSS feed from URL’.   


In the upcoming popup you have to enter the URL of the feed you want to configure.

For the SCN community of ABAP in Eclipse the URL for the feed is:


After pressing ‘Next >’ just configure the refresh interval and the notification messages.

That’s it. You have configured your first RSS feed in eclipse. From now own you will see all the discussions, blogs and questions directly in your development environment. You will find them in the folder “Native Feeds”:


By double-clicking an item in the feed reader list a web browser opens in eclipse and displays the content of the corresponding item in the SCN community.

Have Fun !

Regards Thomas.

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