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This blog is meant for restriction in the process/production order confirmation if the Goods issue has not been done. As well if there is no confirmation, Goods receipt is not possible also.

Standard SAP allows confirmation without GI,  as well as without confirmation GR is also possible (In normal setting).

Confirmation without GI can be restricted in the following way as per customizing setting in standard SAP.

  • Mark all material with backflush
  • Set tick in “Goods movement” if material is not set with backflush. This will show all the material irrespective of backflush.


  • Then check goods movement and termination for incorrect goods movement.



         This will ensure at the time of confirmation if some incorrect goods movement happens, the confirmation will be terminated. So without GI no confirmation possible.

We can automate the GR process with confirmation by production scheduling profile and control key. But without confirmation GR restriction in difficult from standard setting.

Now “without GI confirmation and without confirmation GR restriction” can be achieved by two user exit. Below are the details of code and the exit.

Without GI confirmation is not possible.

User exit: EXIT_SAPLCORF_405

Below is the piece of code.

Without  Confirmation GR is not possible

User exit:EXIT_SAPMM07M_001

Below is the piece of code.

Test case:

First order has been created.

After release the status is as below.

Now we are trying to do the confirmation through COR6N.

After putting the value go to Goods movement Tab.

System is throwing an error as there is no goods issue.

Now if we try to do the GR (MIGO)  also, system will throw an error as there is no confirmation happened.

The error can be modified with suitable text as desired.

Now the goods issue is being done through MB1A.

Still GR is not possible as no confirmation has been done.

Now we can do the confirmation(as GI is done)

As well GR is also possible as confirmation is done through MIGO.

As well after doing the Gr the status of the order is PCNF and PDLV.

In this way the confirmation can be restricted without GI and the GR can be restricted without confirmation.

A lot of industries like  Pharma, Battery(Silver ion) where the issue is important (for expensive / required component) and confirmation should be real time, this restriction can be used.



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  1. Former Member

    Hi Krishnendu,


              Very good document, very common and much required user requirement.


    In OPK4 error handling section, you have activate the terminate check box only for actual cost. I hope we have to activate the “Terminate incorrect goods movement” check box against Goods movement for incorrect GI termination during confirmation.



    1. Krishnendu Das Post author

      Hi AKS,


      You are correct. I have mentioned to check “Terminate incorrect goods movement“. I meant that also. Unfortunately I didn’t have dev access that time. So given the screen shot whatever was there in quality system.


      Sorry if this has created misunderstanding.




    1. Krishnendu Das Post author

      Hi Swapnil,


      Thanks. But wanted to know your views also. If you think the logistic process physically , this should not be possible. Then why SAP has not considered the same in standard way.

      Any idea you have?


      Is this a best practice not to have it or some industries are there where without GI conf and without Conf GR is required?




  2. Former Member

    Hi Krishnendu,

    Very Good document….

    I have a scenario, where the goods issue to process order is done by both ways, through MIGO for some orders where Backflush is not activated. Another one is through COR6N where Back flush is activated in some master recipes. I have used the above code, which is blocking the goods movement through COR6N.

    Do we need to add the logic of” if backflush is activated, this should not check MIGO goods issue in COR6N”





    Hi Krishnendu,


    Very Nice Document.


    Please give more clarification for user exit add in witch t.code.


    EXIT_SAPLCORF_405 Without GI confirmation is not possible. – COR6N it is ok?

    EXIT_SAPMM07M_001 Without  Confirmation GR is not possible – MIGO it is ok?


    Best Regards.




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