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Video How-To: For Beginners! Create your first application in 10 minutes!

In this SAP Cloud Applications Studio Video-How-To I will show how you can create your very first application with SAP Cloud Applications Studio. I will do all the steps live and you will see how to create a new solution for SAP’s Cloud Solution with the SDK.

You will learn how to:
– Log on to the development enviroment
– Create a solution
– Create a business object (structure for database)
– Create business logic
– Create screens (UI)
– Test your application

Within roughly 10 minutes you will have created a full application using a database, some business logic and a frontend for creating new data in your system. All this will be showing step by step in the videos and is highly recommended for any beginner or anybody who is interessted to get a feeling for the SDK for SAP’s Cloud Solutions.

Use case: Create an application for storing some data and doing a simple calculation. The example is kept simple to make it easy to understand 🙂

If you are interessted in more, check out my YouTube Channel where you kind find a whole set of How-To Videos for SAP Cloud Applications Studio.

If you are interessted you can find many more video tutorials here in SCN or in the related YouTube Channel: SAP Cloud Applications Studio Video-How-To’s

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  • Hi, I’m very new to using the application studio and I am actually having trouble connecting to my development tenant! Most of the tutorials and documentation I’ve been looking at(including this tutorial video) just assume that you have the studio configured to connect to a tenant, but don’t give detailed instructions on how to connect to the tenant.

    Again, I am very new to this and help with this would very much be appreciated!