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Reusing PI objects within HCI

Using SAP HANA Cloud Integration could lead to the migration of existing interfaces from a SAP PI/PO installation to the cloud. There is though no upgrade path or easy and automated way to migrate your interfaces. The only possibility is to import existing Operation Mappings, Message Mappings and Service Definitions into HCI and set-up the configuration for the interface again.

How you can import objects from PI into HCI is described in the configuration guide section 2.3.5.

In this blog I want to share some thoughts with you on this functionality and hopefully you can give your opinion too.

The first step is to create a connection between the SAP PI/PO repository server and HCI. This connection can be defined within the preferences of SAP HANA Cloud Integration. You can define and test your connection from there.


Repository Objects can be imported into an Integration Project defined in your Eclipse perspective “Integration Designer”. One of the specific actions for an integration project is to “Import PI Content”. The next step is to select the object category you want select objects of and it will show you a list of all available objects in the repository.

Screenshot 2014-01-07 21.08.34.png

Screenshot 2014-01-07 21.08.55.png

The possibility to select an object does not ensure that the object is really imported. There are constraints on the objects which can be imported(section 2.3.5 from the Developers Guide). These constraints are checked after you have started the import.

If an object is not suitable to import there is a message displayed why the object could not be imported.

Screenshot 2014-01-07 21.22.20.png

Despite the constraints, a lot of the mapping and interface objects will be suitable for reuse within HCI. There are though a few thoughts I would like to share with you.

     1) The import of objects must be done for each Integration Project separately. Therefore if you have a great granularity within your Integration Projects you will         have to do a lot if imports.

     2) The constraints of not using function libraries, imported archives and mappings with multi messages of multi-mappings will lead to the conclusion that a lot         of mappings cannot be reused.

     3) The import of an operation mapping leads to an xml-file named like *.opmap. This xml-file contains references to the service definitions used and the                   mapping(XSL or message) between these service definitions. This operation mapping can only be imported from PI/PO and is not an artifact which can be             created within HCI. Besides from typing the xml-file yourself of courseJ

     4) The import of an Operation Mapping results in the import of the underlying objects. The message mapping(s) and the service definitions will be imported and       the operation mapping itself is transformed into an xml-file.

     5) If an object, which you would like to import, is already in your Integration Project it will not be overwritten. So be careful with imports and check if the correct       version of your object is in HCI.

I hope this will make the reuse of PI objects within HCI a bit more clear. Please share your thoughts on this subject by commenting to the blog.

Best regards,


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      Author's profile photo Agasthuri Doss
      Agasthuri Doss

      Thanks Fons, for sharing



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Fons,

      Thank you for the blog as I am very interested in re-using many of the mappings I have developed in PI.

      Among the constraints you stated, I cannot import external archive.  Can you advise how a java mapping can be imported into HCI?  I have an Operations Mapping in PI, which uses a java mapping in an external archive.  How can I import the java mapping (External Archive) along with the Operations Mapping?

      Also, the Operations Mapping contains several mapping steps, consisting of Message Mappings and Java Mapping.  Can all of these be imported and used in HCI?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hello William,

      Interesting question you have and until now it is a limitation of HCI. For now it is not possible to make use of external archives or function libraries at all. The only way of reusing java functions is via the locally user defined java function within the message mapping.

      The use of multiple message mappings within an operation mapping is possible but not with java mappings.

      All of this limitations are known but I don't know whether there will be support for this within short notice. All limitations are described in this document, section 2.3.5.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Farooq Ahmed
      Farooq Ahmed

      Hi Fons,

      For Java mapping or xslt mappings, can we exactly make use of groovy script instead with same logic of java mapping/xslt in HCI?