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Long term planning execution – step by step

Long term planning is being used to simulate the future demand in all BOM levels. Main intension is to check the capacity situation, material requirement and vendor /supplier ability to provide the material in proper time. This is not an actual run but a simulative run where actual plan is not being affected. It is possible to transfer the plan from simulative area to operative area if through simulation it is found that all capacity and requirement can be fulfilled.

The main objective of LTP are:

  • Reconciliation of capacities.
  • Forecast of purchasing element
  • Simulation of demand program at all BOM level

The main intension of LTP is to simulate different versions of the demand program. But it is not necessary that simulative planning has to be there always with long term. It can be short term also as there is no time restriction.

Generally planned independent requirement version can be active or inactive. For LTP planned independent version should be inactive as it is a simulative version. Only active PIR version is being taken for operative planning.

Existing master data can be used for LTP. But to have a different master data (BOM and Routing) for LTP is also possible. Below are the setting.

BOM: A special LTP BOM can be created. In customizing “ Define BOM usage” (OS20) and “Define order of priority of BOM usage”(OS31) has to be defined.  Then selection ID and selection priority has to be maintained.

Below are the screens where the data has to be maintained (as already explained this is not mandatory, its the requirement of individual)

The customized selection ID has to be given in LTP scenario to have a different master data.

Routing: To have a different routing data in customizing “define scheduling parameters for planned orders” (OPU5) has to be maintained.

Double click on and select new entries.

To run LTP first we have to create planning scenario (MS31).

Initially the status will be not released

Planning period will be the time between which the PIR will be considered.

Opening stock can be considered as per the selection.

As well whether to consider SO or to switch off PTF , whether to consider receipt etc can be decided in planning scenario.

Here we can also select BOM selection ID if at all we want to use a different master data (BOM).

Now we have to select 

We have to assign the version in the scenario.

As well we have to assign plant to the scenario and confirm so that the scenario will be applicable for that particular plant

Then the scenario has to be released

After releasing the screen will look like below. The scenario will be released.

If some parameter has to be changed in the scenario in future then in MS02 first we have to do “cancel release” and then change. Again we have to release after change.

Now create the independent requirement (MD61).

Now check MS04. There will be no change in MD04 as the requirement is with inactive version.

Now run LTP with MS02

Again check MS04. Planned order got created.

By this all the requirement element can be checked for the future availability. As well capacity can be checked also from CM38.

Detail overview

The detail can be seen as per the proposals.

Standard overview

In this view the load can be seen. This is the deciding factor for considering the requirement in LTP and whether to enhance capacity. Decisions are being taken for future course of action regarding capacity.

Once the simulation is fine then the version can be copied through MS64.

Generally if the simulation is fine and workable in future dates, the same requirement can be sent in operative planning. The data can be seen in MD04 once the requirement came in operative planning.

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      Author's profile photo K M Kalyana Chakravarthy
      K M Kalyana Chakravarthy

      Good one Krishnendu. Thanks for sharing.



      Author's profile photo T. India
      T. India

      Good one.

      Author's profile photo Aditya S
      Aditya S

      Hi Krishnedu,

      Thanks for sharing this doc.

      You have mentioned that "  Routing: To have a different routing data in customizing “define scheduling parameters for planned orders” (OPU5) has to be maintained. ",

      Does it mean if i want to use already existing Routing which is used in normal operative planning, then i need not to maintain OPU5 setting mentioned above. ?.

      Please confirm. Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Eric Chen
      Eric Chen

      Hi Aditya,

      Seems that your question is not answered yet.

      To my knowledge, if you want to use existing routing which is used in operative planning now, you do not need to maintain OPU5, keep it unchanged.

      Author's profile photo Aditya S
      Aditya S

      Hi Chen,

      Yes, you are correct, it is not answered yet. Thanks for your suggestion..

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      No you dont need to maintain separately. Standard setting would be sufficient.

      Author's profile photo Malka Samarasinghe
      Malka Samarasinghe

      Hi Krishnedu,

      Was searching this type of document. Thanks for sharing..



      Author's profile photo Eric Chen
      Eric Chen

      Hi Krishnendu,

      Very nice document, thanks for sharing.

      Keep posting..

      Author's profile photo Mohammed Suheel
      Mohammed Suheel

      Hi Krishnendu Das Sir,

      I am new to SAP PP. i was trying to do LTP by using costing Bom usage 06 and i maintained all the setting what u told in above document for costing BOM , still am not able to generate PIR at item level. If i use production BOM(usage 01) it is working fine .Plzz Suggest me some tips to overcome from this problem.

      Thanks & regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      You cannot use Costing BOM for long term planning. If at all you do not want to make use of production BOM then you have to create a separate BOM usage which is a copy of Production BOM or else

      Costing BOM needs to be defined as selection BOM in BOM explosion section while using transaction code for creating long term plan MS31.

      Best Regards

      Author's profile photo Dũng nguyen van
      Dũng nguyen van

      Dear Sir!

      I dont know the reason why i copy demand LTP version inactive to demand version Active wrong.

      Copy by tcode MS64 warning successfull:

      Check demand by tcode MD63 for version active but i donot see

      Please support check why?

      Author's profile photo Leslie Yu
      Leslie Yu

      Thanks for sharing.



      Author's profile photo Mark Ezzat khalil
      Mark Ezzat khalil

      Dear sir

      need make pr automatically for resin 11254

      due to safety stock when stock < 100 kg

      make pr with 300 kg