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Handling travel expenses on the fly

Everybody is going mobile and uses smartphones for many different tasks;

get business emails instantly and answer them right away, have up-to-date contacts or get the calendar instantly updated with the latest meetings or chat with a colleague to get the latest tips and tricks. Unbelievable!

How was it possible to work and travel before – without a pocket computer with so many capabilities as we have today?

From today’s standpoint this was very unproductive.

You are a business traveler or responsible for many business travelers and their obligation to handle and submit their travel expenses? You know how painful it can be, travelling heavily to meet your business goals and in between, in the few hours you’re back in the office, a priority task is to submit your expenses. It’s an unloved burden which can be turned into a task you can deal with quickly while sitting in a taxi between two emails or calls. Instantly capture expenses when they occur and forget about them – and get your expense money back faster than ever.

But before listening to a long talk about a short task – have a look at this short demo where you’ll see how easy it really is to get rid of it:

Was that easy?

What do you need to start?

Everything you need is a subscription of SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense

and a free of charge mobile app for your iOS-,  Android or BlackBerry-Device.

It goes without asking: Of course it’s integrated to your SAP ERP as well, check it out here.

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  • Thank you Benno, excellent overview of how easy and intuitive expense reporting can be. Unfortunately a lot of companies still do not see the advantages for their employees for whatever reason (which I do not understand). Decision makers should see and experience the advantages and how this can make lives of travelers easier and increase process efficiency within enterprises.

    • Thanks Raymond!

      Totally agree! I think not everybody knows that SAP is having such smart solutions like SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense.

      So everybody: Spread the message, this really helps companies and their travelers to simplify T&E management, reduce cost and increase control in their companies! It's relevant to almost every company on earth.

  • Hi Benno,

    Good Day!

    Thank you so much for sharing very valuable information. I am going to share this information in our organization and also to our community. This will be useful for each and every one in our organization to reimburse our expenses. Wonderful Video & Contents. 🙂


    Hari Suseelan

  • good to know such cool feature .

    The user interface is excellent and fells dull working on std sap interface  after watching this 🙂

    That could be the reason why Sap come up with Fiori .

    All thanks to thought engines and R&D of SAP

  • Thanks for the post. It is of great help to be organized and perform the process and fly on a vacation. Pay attention, Type-A personalities. You do not have to demonstrate your worth to us. Relax, and find your bliss. It could be free, or quite cheap to do so. This is an easy one to mix with your trip to the park or travel and have a vacation.