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Options to Control creation of Proposal Payment Medium in F110

Overview of the Requirement

Companies using Automatic Payment Program functionality have different options to control the creation of payment medium at the time of Proposal Run.

This is basically done to stop payment advice getting created at the time of proposal run.

Option 1 – Control through security settings

The authorization objects related to F110 are F_REGU_KOA (for restrictions at account type (D, K & S) level) & F_REGU_BUK (for restrictions at company code level).

You need to check with the BASIS/SECURITY consultant, and figure out if you can restrict (exclude) activity 15 (Create Payment Medium for scheduled proposal run) with respect to above authorization objects, in the ROLE assigned to the user.

Setting the authorization for above mentioned objects at Role level will be applicable to all the users to whom role is assigned.

F110 - 1.png

This option will hide the Create Payment Medium check box.

Option 2 – Default

By default the Create Payment Medium check box is blank (Un-ticked).

User has to make sure he/she does not tick the check box and leave it as it is and proceed with the proposal run.

At times users may accidentally tick the check box and payment medium gets created at the time of proposal.

Option 3 – Sequence of steps for doing F110

Follow the steps listed below while doing F110.

1. Enter parameters in parameter tab, enter required free selections (optional), select required check boxes in Additional log tab and then save without maintaining a variant against the RFFOUS* program in Printout/data medium tab. (See screen shot below)

F110 - 2.png

2. Click on proposal button to schedule the proposal run.

The moment you click the proposal button, you see a pop up to schedule the proposal. (See screen shot below) You will notice the Create Payment Medium check does not appear in the pop up window.

F110 - 3.png

3. Once the proposal is run you can go back to the printout/data medium tab and maintain the variant against the RFFOUS* program and save the new changes.

F110 - 4.png

Once the variant is maintained and changes saved, the Check box is available and is by default unchecked without the question of checking it as checking it is not mandatory.

F110 - 5.png

4. Execute rest of the steps after proposal run in F110.

The user has to make sure that a variant has been maintained in printout/ data medium tab before doing the Payment Run.

Thanks for reviewing the document. Your valuable comments and any value addition will be appreciated.


KIM Khan

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