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How to configure a new Master Agreement Type in SAP Sourcing/CLM 7.0?


In this blog, I would like to show how to configure numbering table and master agreement type.

Configure Numbering table:

Menu path: Set Up ->Master Data (tab) ->Numbering Table Definition.


Click on ‘Numbering Table Definition’, and then click ‘New’ .Then below screen will appear.


I entered in the above screen as below.

*Name:  Numbering for DLMA (Distribution Logistics Master Agreement)

Table ID: ‘MA-DL’.

Prefix:  DLMA-

Prefix:  -<%YYYY%>

*Sequence Number Width: 6

Ticked Sequence Number Padded

*Start Number: 1

*Number incremented by: 1

Finally click ‘Save’ button and ‘Done’ button.

Now we have configured numbering table for DLMA (Distribution Logistics Master Agreement type).


Configure Master Agreement Types:

Here I am going to create a new type for DLMA (Distribution Logistics Master Agreement type)

Menu Path: Set up->Document Set up


Just click ‘Master Agreement Types’, and then click ‘New’ button.

Now I entered data as blow in the below screen (Type Tab).


If you tick ‘Integrated Type, then Integration Details tab you see as in the above screen. Otherwise you cannot see ‘Integration Details Tab’.

*Name        : D and L Master Agreement

Description: Give your description (I gave Master Agreement type for Distribution and Logistics)

*Order : 400(system gives this number)

Numbering table: select ‘Numbering for DLMA’ as below screen.


Tick in the below screen (Features,Rules,Defaults and Notification )  according to your requirements:




Finally click ‘Save’ button and ‘Done’ button.

Now we have configured Distribution Logistics Master Agreement type.

Now check you master agreement type just now you created (D and L Master Agreement).

Go to  this  path : Set up->Document Set up->Master Agreement types.


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