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Converting Hana Optimized DSO’s to standard DSO’s

Hi All,

      The document explains the importance of Standard DSO’s and it’s conversion from Hana optimized DSO’s if your support package is lower as explained.

      For Standard optimized DSO’s itself a Hana optimized DSO’s and it has more performance improvement than it’s earlier DSO’s, so any DSOs that have been converted to HANA-optimized DSOs should be converted back to classic objects. This feature is available with HANA SP05 (Release >= 57) and a BW release with a high enough SPS, i.e. at least BW 7.30 SP10, BW 7.31 SP11, or BW 7.40 SP04.

      If your BW Support Package level is lower, apply SAP Notes 1849497 – SAP HANA: Optimizing standard DataStore objects
and 1849498- SAP HANA: Reconversion of SAP HANA-optimized DataStores.

This allows the execution of report
RSDRI_RECONVERT_DATASTORE, which can be used for the reconversion

The following Notes also to be implemented which includes corrections on the program code:

1837439  Activating the Emergency Support Package for DB support

1905093   HANADB: Rück-Konvertierung von DataStores bricht ab

1909457 Column view on top of DSO.

Steps for Converting Hana optimized DSO to Standard optimized DSO:

Select the DSO which is Hana optimized as shown below:


The highlighted indicates that the DSO is a hana optimized DSO.  Also, you can get from the following:

Right click > Display to find the following settings in DSO:


SQL Query to find list of all Hana optimized DSO’s:

Open the SQL Editor from Diagnostics through tcode ST04 and execute the following query from the editor:

select distinct(odsobject)
“in-memory optimized standard DSOs” from rsdodso where imofl=’X’ and
odsotype=” and objvers=’A’ and (SUPERTLOGO=” or SUPERTLOGO=’ODSO’)

It’ll list down list of all such DSO’s.

>>Or you can run a query from Hana DB as follows:

select * from m_cs_tables where table_name like ‘/BIC/A%70’;

Here, % equals the DSO name.

     Step 1: Do the following activity:

Go to Manage of DSO > and select the following as shown below:


Just find number of records are actually available in changelog table.


      Step 2: Run the tcode: se38


      Step 3: Give the program name as: “RSDRI_RECONVERT_DATASTORE” and execute it.



      Step 4:  Give its DSO Name and check whether we’ve selected “WITH_CL” option or not.

       Step 5:  



NOTE: WO_CL will delete all its data for its change log from Hana DB

     If you have more data on changelog table, you have to schedule the job to run at background as shown below:


Once the job is scheduled, you can monitor it’s status from SM37:


During conversion, the contents of the DSO were copied to temporal tables and it’s conversion starts on actual DSO tables.  Once the conversion gets completed, the contents were copied back from temporal tables to it’s actual tables.

Check the changelog data soon after the conversion is done.

Check the CONV_MODE from the table: RSDRI_HDB_CNVDSO.

CONV_MODE = 10 means that a DSO was converted without keeping the

change log. If you choose with change log the change log will not be

deleted even if the truncate error occurres (this would be CONV_MODE =



You should do conversion of DSO’s to standard in each and every land scape.  i.e., you should do it in Development, Quality, Production system separately.  You shouldn’t transport by doing it in dev and then moving it to production.

Hope, the document helps you all 🙂

Kindly let me know your suggestion/comments on the same if any you have..


Antony Jerald.

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      Author's profile photo Satendra Mishra
      Satendra Mishra

      Nice document 🙂



      Author's profile photo Wasem Hassan
      Wasem Hassan


      Its very good one docs.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very good documentation.

      Regarding the reconversion have a question:
      Is this also possible with InfoCubes?

      I have tried this but it didn't work. Does there exist a different programm?



      Author's profile photo Antony Jerald J
      Antony Jerald J
      Blog Post Author


      Cubes should be hana optimized in BW on hana.

      Plz refer this document which would help you understand more on hana optimized cubes in bw on hana.


      Antony Jerald.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      In our landscape, we are choosing option without CL. This will cleanup the CL completely and it wont effect the Active Data.

      Author's profile photo Antony Jerald J
      Antony Jerald J
      Blog Post Author


      It won't affect active data.  But it'll affect up next coming delta records if you have cubes on top of the DSO's.  Because, data will be pushed to cube based on delta(hope, you are aware of concept before image, after image, etc.,)


      Antony Jerald.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Yes, we are aware of it and we will load the data from source systems in that scenario but we have cleaned up almost all the DSO's during the conversion.