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Schedule a Process chain on specific weekdays


In a week, process chain should load the records only on specific weekdays ? How to schedule it?

Here in this example, the chain should run only on wednesday  and thursday of a week?

Solution :

Here there is no need of creating an ABAP program or a factory calender. A simple formula in the Process chain will suffice the above requirement.

By this we can minimize the dependency of ABAP. Also we are not going to create a factory calender which is specifically to this particular process chain.

If there is any other chain which needs to be schedule only on Friday and Saturday, again we need to go for creating a factory calender. So instead a simple formula and the Decision Process type will solve this type requirement.

Step by step Navigation:

1. Go to RSPC, click on Create. Give the technical name & Description of the process chain  and click on Continue as highlighted below.

2014-01-17 11_13_16-Process Chain Maintenance Planning View.png

2 . Create a start variant for the process chain. Click on Create. Give the technical name & Description of the Start Variant and click on Continue.

2014-01-17 11_14_17-Process Chain Maintenance Planning View.png

3. Schedule the process chain for daily execution as shown below. Save the variant

2014-01-17 11_16_25-Start Time.png

4. Now the start variant is created. Click on Continue.2014-01-17 11_18_04-Process Chain Maintenance Planning View.png

5. Now drag & drop the Decision process type which is under General services as highlighted below.

2014-01-17 11_18_29-Process Chain Maintenance Modified Version_ PC for Wed & Thur.png

6. After that click on Create

2014-01-17 11_19_07-Process Chain Maintenance Modified Version_ PC for Wed & Thur.png

7. Give the technical name & description for the Decision Process type and Click on Continue.

2014-01-16 11_48_55-Process Chain Maintenance Modified Version_ PC chain test.png

8. The following Screen will appear. Click on Create under Formula column.

2014-01-16 11_53_20-Process Maintenance_ Decision Between Multiple Alternatives.png

9. Here  in this example the chain has to run on every Wednesday and Thursday of a week.

For this purpose, use the system variable ” SYST-FDAYW ”

The formula should look as below:
2014-01-16 11_55_33-Form.png

To schedule for any weekday, you can refer :

SYST-FDAYW 2 Tuesday
SYST-FDAYW 3 Wednesday
SYST-FDAYW 4 Thursday
SYST-FDAYW 6 Saturday

Then Check the formula and click on Back button (F3).

10.  Following screen will appear. Here we have to specify the event. Click on the search button under the Event column as shown below.

2014-01-16 11_57_44-Process Maintenance_ Decision Between Multiple Alternatives.png

11.  Select the OPTION 02. This will make the chain to execute successfully only on WED and THUR based on the defined formula and click on check and save.
2014-01-16 12_00_28-Event Selection.png

12.  Finally the formula should look as below.

2014-01-16 12_01_01-Process Maintenance_ Decision Between Multiple Alternatives.png

13.  The Process chain is created. You can build the remaining as per your data flow.

2014-01-17 12_27_48-Process Chain Display Active Version_ PC chain test.png

This chain is a daily schedule. But it will run only on Wednesday and Thursday. Remaining days the chain will fail at the Decision Process type. It wont cause any issues.

** Feedback & Suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


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  • Hi Pavan,

    Good one...I have one doubt what if I make start variant with weekly schedule and selecting the dy based on start date...per say if I want to run on every Monday then I can set start date as 20th Jan 2014...then my chain will run every Monday.. On more thing is your chain run every day and some part gets executed once a week..

    Keep posting good info


    • ** It will run on every Monday.

         In this case, it has to run on every Wednesday & Thursday.

      ** Yeah, the chain will run on every day. But the decision Process type makes the rest of the chain to run only on Wednesday & Thursday.

      Thank you Bhaskar

  • Hi,

    Good Document,

    * We can use this approach for 4 days as well?

    *  the chain will run on every day- does this will leads any performance issues.?



  • Thanks for sharing wonderful document.It's great help for scheduling Process Chains on specific days..

    I have tried this process in my IDES BI7.3 version, Towards the end once the PC was created I was unable to see event "Option2" ..Can you please let me know  the reason for this specific issue..



    • Thank you Shaan.

      When u click on OPTION 1 under EVENT. Search help like button will appear and once u click on, an Event Selection pop up will appear as mention in step 10 where u can select the OPTION 2. 

      • Hi Pavan,

        I Was successful till step11, in step11 while I was trying to check the formula, I'm getting error message as "Not all Formulas exist on the Database"..My IDES version has DB2 Database, Doesn't this formula work on DB2 Database?



  • Hi,

    I already used this decision process in some chains.  In case the chain runs on other days (so, not on wednesday or thursday as according to your example), the chain ends in error. So, I added an additional process with the execution of a dummy (empty) ABAP program.

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi Els,

      I have the issue of a chain ending in error, because i'm only using one decision option. So i searched "Dummy Process Chain" and i found your post. I will really appreciate if you would tell me which ABAP program you added for this purpose.

      Thanks in advance

    • Hi Parthiban Ganesh  ...

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      Endless thanks...

      • I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. There are some reasonable discussions in these comments, hidden by "thanks, that was nice".

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        I've tidied it up now.

        • Hi Matthew,

          In this case you're right (if there's no added value in the message, just like the post), but sometimes I wonder how/why moderators act a certain way. Last week my post (on a BEx issue) was removed because it was not posted in the BEx space under this space (SAP Netweaver BW) here .  I suppose BEx space is a subspace of this one.  Why wasn't my post moved to the other space ? Moreover, when I read the rules of  the forum this is not listed as "forbidden".

          I apologize for writing this here, but I don't know an other way to contact any moderator directly about this.

          Kind Regards,


          • Most likely, it was me who rejected your post.

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  • Hi Pavan,

    Very well documented and nicely explained.

    I have one query on this. Should we use the decision step to run the chain specific time in the same day?

    lets us assume we want to run the chain daily at 10:00 am in the morning and at 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm daily. can we use the step decision process and create the formula to run on specific time only?

    Thanks and Regards


  • Very nice blog Pavan!

    Just want to clarify why did you choose OPTION 2 instead of OPTION 1 in step 11? Will there be difference?

    Also, is it possible for me to make this decision type? I want my process chain to run every MON-FRI only but if the last day of the month is SAT the chain should still run..How will I do this? Is there a formula operator where it can detect the day of the last month?

    Thank you!


  • Hi  Pavan,

    Thanks for the nice presentation,Can you help me in one requirement here,

    I need to schedule a job for EVERY WEDNESDAY OF 3RD WEEK IN A MONTH.

    How to make it..Thanks in advance.