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Finally, an Analysis API method to Show Prompts Dialog

I’m not sure when this became available, but it’s definitely available in Analysis for Office 1.4 SP4…

The SAPExecuteCommand API function now accepts a parameter value of ShowPrompts that displays the prompts dialog for a given datasource alias (if variables are not merged), or for all datasources…

We’ve been asking for it on SCN, and in Idea Place, and now it’s here…

If variables are not merged, you can call the prompts dialog for a particular Datasource:

Application.Run(“SAPExecuteCommand”, “ShowPrompts”, “DS_1”)

If variables are merged, or to call prompts for all datasources..

Application.Run(“SAPExecuteCommand”, “ShowPrompts”, “ALL”)

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      Author's profile photo Dirk Mayrock
      Dirk Mayrock

      Hi Andrew,

      regarding to Whats New Guide it came with 1.4 Sp4

      But to ne honnest I haven't realized it while reading it the first time 🙂

      All the best


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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Dirk,

      I hadn't seen that document. Oddly it doesn't mention all of the changes. I've also spotted some other parameters on some other methods. I'll have a play with them before posting....

      I had been using API calls to Microsoft Accessibility in order to programatically "press" the ribbon button to show the prompts dialog. It worked quite nicely, but it took 500 lines of complex code to achieve what should have been one of the first methods exposed by Analysis....

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      Former Member

      Hi Andrew,

      I had already been working with that "ShowPrompts" and was wondering, why it didn't work for our business users... it's exactly for that reason that it came with a new version, but our users are still on SP2.

      To be honest this...

         "We've been asking for it on SCN, and in Idea Place, and now it's here..."

      ... is kind of embarrassing for SAP, offering a "standard functionality" that late in a tool, which is claimed to be "THE PREMIUM alternative" for BEx Analyzer 🙁

      Even today there is a bunch of "ideas" of standard functionalities still not working in the latest version and it seems that the idea place is nothing else than an "abandoned place" for the last 6 months, where desperate souls still try their luck - in vain 🙁

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, it's frustrating that such core functionality hasn't been made available before now.

      SAP are releasing updates every 6 weeks or so, so it's clear that Analysis is a WIP - 6 weekly updates is very similar to a Beta release schedule.... That said, there are more features, and there's more stability with every new version. I'm yet to upgrade to SP5, but I feel like it's getting to production-ready state.

      The issue, though, is that most companies can't justify the update process every 6 weeks, what with testing and deployment bottlenecks. The company I'm at right now is still using Windows XP/Office 2007, so you get some idea of the reluctance to upgrade. Some of the Analysis features are also tied to minimum versions of Query Designer, so you actually have multiple dependencies with an upgrade process, which adds to the risk, and reduces the desire to upgrade.

      I guess we should persist with IdeaPlace, and continue to cross-promote those Analysis suggestions and issues here on this forum (as I suspect many SCN users are unaware of IdeaPlace). I'm hopeful that voting on an IdeaPlace submission does actually escalate it in a meaningful way.

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      Former Member

      It's interesting that you see Analysis as "work in progress"?!

      Obviously it is, by those regular updates ... but when I was at St. Leon-Rot in June 2013 for "AK BI & CPM" we were eventually told that AO version 1.3 is basically a finished product.

      So at that time it was already claimed to be premium alternative, and SAP said all future updates would just contain "features", meaning not basic functions that were supposed to be provided later, but those SAP originally never wanted to provide!

      If it were like you assume, SAP would have shared a long-term agenda for future releases, already long ago 🙁

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      There is one thing, you should add in your main thread - which came into my mind today...

      Just using the single line of code did not bring up the variable Screen in my case!

      It must be enhanced by the preceding line of Refresh:

      Application.Run("SAPExecuteCommand", "Refresh", "DS_1")