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Configure a webservice datasource in #BW


The webservice datasource works with a push mechanicm allow the datadelivery from the source system which is initiating the
extraction process. (As of 7.3 this can also be a pull datasource meaning bw can initiate the data retrieve.)

Configuring the webservice,

which uses the standardized XML format, is done in the administrator workbench.

To receive soap documents the SOAP service needs to be active in SICF only then data can be sent to bw through webservices.


Before the datasource can be configured a sources system of the type webservice needs to be created. 


Maintain the necessary fields in the datasource and create an infopackage.



On the web services navigator test the WSDL service interface which can be access by going through the the Netweaver Java Application



To retrieve the URL with the XML definition go through WSADMIN (the transaction is obsolete from SAP NetWeaver AS 7.00, SP14) use SOAMANAGER.

Make sure that the port is setup properly in SAP Netweaver Administrator –> SOA tab –> SOA Middleware Global Settings –> HTTP Proxy tab.

Take the URL and provide it in the Web Service Navigator to test your webservice.  The webservice shows the defined fields provided in the definition of the datasource. After the import “manage PSA” will show the new created entry.


The webservice is working.



The XML-Schema defines the rules how the XML document has to be structured. The document used to exchange data needs to
be “well-formed” and “valid”. Meaning it has to contain all rules according to W3C. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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      Author's profile photo CH Raman
      CH Raman

      Thanks for exploring  web service based  data extraction. Good presentation and this doc more opt to business content extractors forum.

      Thanks for your efforts.


      Author's profile photo Martin Grob
      Martin Grob
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Raman

      Thanks for you comment and you are actually right. I'll move it over to the other space.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Martin,

      Wow one more nice doc.

      Thanks for your efforts and your dedication to explore & share new things. It seems you are fully charged 😉

      Keep it up 😎

      Excited to see next topic.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice one,

      Author's profile photo Prashanth konduru
      Prashanth konduru


      Thanks for your effort n sharing the Doc...Another good blog ...

      Rated n bookmarked the blog ... 🙂 🙂



      Author's profile photo Harish Allachervu
      Harish Allachervu

      Hi Martin,

      as usual informative doc actually in the current blog you've given more insight about configuration of data extraction from webservice but i've one query here like if you want to schedule through process chain what are the steps need to be followed i know like something called daemon as such but not sure how this settings will be done if you aware of this can you please through some light on my concern.

      Thanks & Regards,


      Author's profile photo Daniel Ray
      Daniel Ray

      Hi Martin,

      But how can we use SLT for the classic BW on HANA standard extractors for eg. 2LIS_13_VAITM where its further loaded to hana optimized IC. ...I mean if we have BW on HANA, and want to use SLT to extract data to BW using this standard data extractor. How can we use webservice to extract data from ECC to BW on HANA using SLT.

      Can we use your above process to do this ? Please advice.



      Author's profile photo Martin Grob
      Martin Grob
      Blog Post Author

      you can't use SLT on the logistics need to find the underlying base table and rebuild the logic of the extractor in order to use slt

      Author's profile photo Daniel Ray
      Daniel Ray

      Thanks for the reply Martin. But I got a reply from another blog that we can use it and was given this link to analyze. Configure a webservice datasource in #BW.

      However, I could not find anything which specifically suggest to use LO extractor's for SLT through BW. I would appreciate if you can please update on the below 2 queries.

      1) We can still go use the LO extractors through SLT to a HANA view's through Data services designer, and replicate these views to BW and use a Virtual provider on top of it with BW MD, and use it in BW bex reporting.

      2) Except LO datasources, we can use other standard SAP delivered datasource's by  SLT replication to SAP BW on HANA. Is it true ?

      3) Can we use the SAP Delivered LO Datasource's to replicate on SAP HANA VIEWS through direct extractor connection ?

      Thanks again


      Author's profile photo Martin Grob
      Martin Grob
      Blog Post Author


      this blog only describes who you esablish and connect to a webservice in bw it has nothing to do with slt. SLT requires a transparent table (or maybe a view) but it cannot work with LO extractors or standard datasources unless you find the table behind it. I'm afraid HANA technology wont help you with the LO extractors.

      Author's profile photo kranthi kumar samineni
      kranthi kumar samineni

      Hi Martin,

      How to  transport composite provider in BW4HANA?

      Author's profile photo RS sharma
      RS sharma


      Great document! I thought it would give me a start but I got lost between 1st and 2nd screen shots.

      To follow your document I need to know the steps in between.  Actually I dont get anything matching your second screen shot.

      I am on BW 7.3 and I would like to pull data from a 3rd party system directly into BW.

      Would you be able to help?

      A document describing each step would be very helpful.

      Thanks in advance!



      Author's profile photo Erkin Yahyaoglu
      Erkin Yahyaoglu

      Hi Martin,

      is it possible to make web service with token requests and if yes how can i do this?

      BW4HANA is the system and source is Web Service (For each request must be generate a Token)


      Best Regard’s,

      Erkin Yahyaoglu

      Author's profile photo Sun Young Yoon
      Sun Young Yoon

      Thank you for sharing valuable information, I have a question.
      This connect is soap it possible to rest interface method too ?

      I am looking for rest method interface to get into BW(7.3) form web xml or json data.
      if you have any idea, plz let me know. It’ll be very helpful.
      thanks in advance

      Best Regards