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Technical help document

It becomes difficult sometimes when functional consultants are asked to work with SAP over issues which require them to deactivate enhancements or

Deactivate implementation of BADI’s,  for which they generally seek help from a technical consultants . The work typically is only of a few mins  and takes more than that so I thought I ll prepare a first hand guide to help them sail through making the changes smoothly . A more detailed one I would be creating soon ,

The below TOPICS would be covered :

SECTION 1. Deactivating Enhancements : If a SAP standard class features needs to be over written we create an enhancement for it .

SECTION 2. Deactivating BADI implementation

SECTION 3 . Sending transport from development to quality system after making the changes as above .

*******SECTION 1 ***************************************

  1. Go to se19 and type in the enhancement name

2. You would see the Enhancement name for the standard object and double click on the program

3. If you would like to change the code in the enhancement click on the spiral Icon and  not on the display/ change one .

4. Once you do so the code would come in the change mode . However to edit it further you would need to Right click on the Enhancement Key word and select “ Change implementation” Once done ,you can comment the part of the code which is not needed .

*****************************************************************SECTION 2 ***************************************

SECTION 2 : Deactivating a BADI is not the same as commenting All the code . Remember it should have no existence in the system else it would give an error only if the code is commented ..

  1. Open the BADI through se18 .
  2. Click on Implementation >> Overview and it would take you to all the implementations of the BADI .

4. Now you would see the Implementation and also the various methods associated with it .

The Run time behavior is a standard text filed which describes  whether the BADI implementation is active or not . As seen in Blue : “ Implementation will be called “

********************************************************SECTION 3**********************************************************************************

1. You must have made changes in developement system and created a transport now to have this in quality you need to Go to STMS transaction in quality system

2. In the transport system you would get development / Production / Quality landscape

  Since We generally move from Development into quality so we should do the changes in development and send the same to Quality. Thus click on the quality system .

3.  You would see the history of transports. Click on Refresh and you would see the latest transport with a discolored Rhombus figure as the last entry :

marked in yellow at the bottom of the screen . Keep cursor on the  same transport Number SRDK900686 and click on Half truck symbol  marked in Yellow at the top of the screen

4. As soon as we click on the half truck it will open another dialog box : Press the Ok green Tick button and it will get the transport to your system .

Now the entry for transport would be marked in Green and the changes in transport from Development would be carried on to the quality system .

Hope this document Helps I am creating an advanced guide as well on a few technical concepts and would share the same as well in some time .

Please leave your comments below and let me know your feedback as well .

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice attempt, but the document needs a little more clarity... Most of your screen shots are not coming through the document.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I like it. If you have done it before this is a great refresher update. I definetly think to make it a bit more user friendly use the same text across the page. Maybe just increase size and bold headings instead of using ***. Also try use something a bit more regular than a hand drawn highlight many tools provide the option to draw a square instead of just highlighting free hand.

      But I think the content is there.

      Author's profile photo Subeesh Kannottil
      Subeesh Kannottil

      Excellent Document .Really helpful

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Vinitha,

      Very helpful document. Keep it up!


      Hari Suseelan

      Author's profile photo Krishna Chaitanya
      Krishna Chaitanya

      Hi Vinita,

      Appreciate your efforts.  Good workaround.  Keep it up. 

      Thanks for sharing. 

      (Note:-  All the technical people know all these things 😉 )


      Krishna Chaitanya.

      Author's profile photo kaus desh
      kaus desh

      Very nice and helpful to Fucntional Consultants

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very much helpful for people who are not aware of these things.

      Appreciate it!!