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Getting access & accessing SAP Learning Hub #SAPEducation

Disclaimer: SAP launched the new SAP Learning Hub on the 13th of January. As a member of the Certification Engangement & Influence Council and SAP Mentor, I have received full access from SAP. I will be providing SAP with feedback on different aspects of SAP Learning Hub.

Update: instant access to SAP Learning Hub Discovery edition is now possible after submitting your order!

That being said, this blog has the sole purpose to provide information on how you can get access to the SAP Learning Hub (whatever flavor you fancy).


To start, navigate to

In the right upper corner, you can see the link to log in, click “Login” to login to the Training and Certification Shop. To login, use the SAP ID which you want to get access for. If you don’t yet have an account, you can click on Register to create one.


Once you are logged in, click on My Profile in the upper right corner and then on S-User Management.


If you don’t yet have a current S-user Assignment, fill in your S-user in the right pane, fill in the password of your S-user and click “Add New S-User”. This is to bind one or more S-user accounts to your SAP shop account. If you don’t perform this step, processing your item you purchase (or get for free) will take longer. Once this is done, you are ready to start purchasing.


Learning Hub is featured in the gray bar so you can use that link to navigate to Learning Hub relevant items in the SAP Training and Certification Shop.


On the right lower pane you can find the different available edition and information about the SAP Learning Hub.

We choose SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition here. The discovery edition is meant to give you a sneak peak of how the SAP Learning Hub works, what it has to offer with certain restrictions compared to the full version of course.


Click on Add to basket to add the SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition to your shopping basket. Note the 0.00 price.


Click on proceed to basket.


Click Proceed to checkout.


Check the data in the upper part of the screen for correctness.

In the lower right corner you have to accept the terms and conditions (you can read them using the link which is mentioned on top of this gray area) and then you can submit the order.

Update: discovery edition instant access

The order is now processed immediately and you’ll receive access to SAP Learning Hub instantly. Once you have access, it can take some time 20 minutes or so before the content has been generated on your account. Once you find courses when refreshing or using search, you are ready to go with the discovery edition.

Once your order is processed and your user-id is created, you should receive a notification from SAP.

Accessing the SAP Learning Hub

You are welcomed to the SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition and you are now ready to go.

Access through SAP Education & Certification Shop

Once your item is processed, you will be able to access the SAP Learning Hub using the “My Training” link in the upper right corner given you are logged in.

Update: you also see a link in the green navigation bar after logging in, to access the SAP Learning Hub.


Click on My Training and then on Training.


Click on HUB001


Click on Go to Learning Hub

Single Sign On will log you onto SAP Learning Hub automatically.


You are welcomed to the SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition and you are now ready to go.

Closing comment

Stay tuned for more on SAP Learning Hub.

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  • Also getting the problem with the S-user.  I assumed it was because I'd changed it earlier today (I know SCN can take over a day to synchronise) but if other people are getting it too...

    • Hi Neil

      Did your problem get solved? Otherwise, best is to contact support team (you can find mail in the comments).

      Best regards


      • Hi Tom ,

        After struggling few more days ,i have managed to subscribe to sap learning hub..but i do not see any courses in the learning hub..

        Could you please help me on this ?

        • Hi Anandan

          Did you wait for it or checked immediately? It takes some time to provision the courses. Otherwise, contact support, the mail address can be found int he comments to this blog post.

          Best regards


  • Dear All,

    I am facing the following problem while submitting the order to access SAP Learning Hub.

    After the order is processed, i receive this error message:

    "Your order has failed, please contact your local education office."

    Please advice.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ahmed

      Please contact the support team via mail (you can find it in the comments) or check with local SAP office.

      Best regards


  • Hey tom thanks for this wonderful post.

           You made it really easy and quick for me to access Learning hub.

            Thanks again.


    Harish K

  • /
  • Hi experts,

    I'm doing research for my company about the Learning Hub Discovery Edition and i was wondering if its possible to get certification for any of the short courses offered on the Discovery Edition or you only get certification for the courses you have to pay subscriptions for.



    • Hi Thandeka

      Certification is a separate process. Learning Hub can facilitate in the sense that one can go through course content to prepare for SAP Certification but there is no such thing as online certification for example.

      The samples won't be sufficient to go for certification in terms of preparation.

      Best regards


  • Hi everyone!

    I cannot create this S-User.

    I have no S-User but when I try to add one it says password is wrong. But I am just creating it - how could it be wrong?

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Simone

      You shouldn't try to create one yourself over there. If you don't have one, you should get one by requesting access to the discovery edition when SAP then generates one for you. So you don't have to perform the step assign S-user when you don't have one.

      BEst regards


    • Hello Rajanath Guntur

      Can you not order the learning hub discovery edition without any S-user? I believe so, so just skip that step and try to order without S-user.

      Best regards


    • Hi Sandeep

      If you don't have S-user, skip the user assignment steps and a user will be created for you.

      Best regards


  • Hi Tom,

    I was able to log in to, and browsed various E-Learning courses.

    while the page does display the course content, however no "booking" of course can be done because the "booking this offering" says "You are currently viewing a Global course template, this course is not currently available to book online."...

    I checked with "free E-learning" courses.. same issue...

    Is there anything that I am missing or need to do before the free E-courses can be "booked" and viewed?

    Thx in advance for your help.



  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the information. Yeah the Learning Portal looks very similar to the SF CLC portal.

    But then its good and clean.!



  • I am getting the below error. Already installed version are IE is 11, Adobe Flash Player is 14, Adobe Reader XI. Request your suggestions to solve this issueLEARNING HUB ERROR.png

  • Hello Tom,

    Once i click Check Out , it is showing me Primary S-user id which is my previous

    employer from where I have done my SAP certification(S- User id belongs to my Certification id while previous employer name is also appearing there) .

    Should i proceed further Or some changes needs to be done.

    Please help.

    • Hi Jitendra

      If you don't want to use that S-user, best is to clean your browser cache, close the browser and go through the steps again, this time logging in as a different S-user or if you want a new S-user that is not bound to a  company, don't perform the s-user login / assignment step and just order (only applicable for discovery edition).

      Best regards


  • Hi tom

    i wanna know an individual  can opt for customer edition to get trained on the course available and later on for certification & is it advisable & better to take up SAP hub instead of virtual classroom cost wise etc

    • Hi Anand

      An individual should be able to buy Learning Hub, please  verify by sending a mail to

      Is it advisable, that in my opinion, depends on what you are trying to achieve I suppose, what area your active in etc. Let's discuss, drop me a mail (if you haven't already) on my gmail address, you can find it in my profile.

      Best regards


  • Hi,

    I have just placed an order for discovery edition of sap learning hub without using s-user (I don't have one). I used the country "Global". Will I get access to free learning materials? If yes, how much time will it take? I am also unable to create an s-user, it gives me an error "Could not validate the entered s-user". I tried different user names. Can you please tell me how to create an s-user? And should I process an other order for discovery edition using the newly created s-user to gain instant access?

    Thanking you.



  • Hi Tom,

    Am currently using leaning hub with no access to learning history. What is the process to activate the learning history on learning hub.

    Please let me know



    • Hi Sam

      Only finished items will appear in the learning history report if you generate that report. I don't see the option anymore myself to complete a course to place it in the learning history but that's the way it should be done.

      If I call up the reporting and select one year back from example up till now, I do get entries back of courses I have completed.

      I'll check with SAP to see what's going on there 😉 .

      Best regards


  • First of all,

    thank you Tom Cenens

    for creating this step by step instruction to access the SAP Learning Hub Discovery Edition. It is really helpfull.

    Right now I am having trouble searching some keywords.

    The system return below message:

    Unable to authenticate your user account. Please check your Jam account credentials

    Could you advise?

    Thank you

    20-11-2014 3-49-28 PM.jpg

    20-11-2014 3-49-28 PM.jpg
    • Hi Thomas

      SAP learning rooms (Social Learning) runs on SAP JAM. SAP JAM is SAP's social network "product" to which you are redirected if you join / participate in a Learning Room. If you subscribe for a learning room, it can take some time before the actual invite to join the SAP JAM group reaches you.

      You can try to log on to SAP JAM outside of Learning Hub if you want:

      You should be able to logon using your S-user or Mail address that is associated for SAP Learning Hub there.

      If you run into problems, you can contact SAP JAM support via

      Get Support

      For more information, see If you need more help, you can send an e-mail to

      Best regards


      • Hi Tom,

        It's just weird.

        I changed my browser from firefox into chrome, and everything works fine.

        Now I can browse the learning content.

        Thank you.

  • /
    hana learning.png
  • If you had numbered steps, I'd reference the one I'm having trouble with. Where you mention not having an S-user assignment, there's Assign New S-User. It says to enter s-user (I have no idea what that is or what to enter, so I entered my I number). and then it has a button "Trigger Assignment". The screenshot you have above doesn't match what I see. I can't seem to upload a screenshot due to some permissions thing. If I enter anything else, it says "could not validate the entered s-user". So I'm not sure what to do. When I entered my I Number it said it would send me something, but I didn't receive anything. So what do I do? I'm logged in as an employee of SAP.

  • Thanks a lot Tom Cenens  for that information.

    The steps to access the Learning Hub and Learning Rooms once the purchase is processed are clear:

    1. Login to the SAP Training Shop
    2. Go to My Training.
    3. Click on HUB001.
    4. Click on Go to Learning Hub.
    5. Select Learning Content or Learning Rooms.

    Is there a simple, single link that Partners could bookmark to access directly the Learning Content and the Learning Rooms?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Peter

      As far as I'm aware, you can't. It only works for specific items (e-learning) where it's ticked off that you went through.

      Best regards


  • Hey Tom,

    I realize this is an old blog post - but I do not have an S-User account (at least I don't seem to) and I cannot figure out how to get one.

    Could you point me in the right direction to get one set up?



    • Hi Jay

      No worries, e-mail notifications are enabled 😉 . You don't need to assign an S-user if you don't have one.

      If you don't have a partnership with SAP, there is also what they call a P-user (Public) which would be generated automatically as far as I know when you request access to Learning Hub Discovery edition.

      In the past (not sure if it's still valid), the processing just took a bit longer because of this.

      So you should be able to just order the Learning Hub Discovery Edition (which is 0 euro since it's a sort of trial) and that will automatically be  handled.

      Best regards


  • Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your support. I have access to only 8 courses in discovery edition while I have seen a long list of courses available for free or as a preview (like in

    SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition Overview of Contents pdf file). Can you please guide me how can I access more free courses?

    Thanking you.



  • buen dia ustedes en solo tienen que esperar en algunos casos 15 min en otros casos solo 2 horas para que aparezcan todos los cursos gratuitos de introduccion y es q depende  de la conoeccion de internet, depende de si es chrome, mozill, EI etc

    para poder entrar a SAP HUB LEARNING

  • Hi Tom

    Thanks for the Information. May I ask you if it is possible to use Learning Hub without S-User Registration? I think about company email or social network login.?

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Peter

      Not that I know off. I tried it just now to log-on with my P-user (public user ID that is bound to a personal mail address) without success. So it looks like a S-user is a prerequisite.

      Best regards


  • Hi,

    If I purchase learning hub access, will I be assigned a S user  ID, so that I can sign up for certification exam later on ?


    Best Regards


  • Hi Team,

    I would like to inform you, i am Unable to Access Learning Hub thru, please find the error below.

    Please log in to begin using SAP
    Learning Hub.

    Both your username and password
    are case-sensitive.

    when i enter forgot password it says "the request operation is not available" please try again or contact your administrator.

    Can you please suggest me on the same?


    Sharath Aglapally