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Common issue while transporting BW formulae

Issue Information:

While we perform transportation from one system to another system we generally get these types of issues.

Error : Object ‘TRFN::XXXX’ refers to the invalid object ‘RSFO::’

          Object TRFN XXXXXX needs object RSFO ; the latter does not exist

Reason to popup the issue:

While we are transporting object like program, function group, BW formule etc. etc. from one system to another system, there should be a relevant object entry included in object entry directory.

For instance, while we transport program from one system to another system there must be an entry in change object directory in system as shown in the screen shot below.

3 Change Object Directory.png

Here is attached few examples below.

Program Id

Object Type


Long Description




This shall be included if we want to transport program



Function Group

This shall be included if we want to transport Function Group



BW Formulae

This shall be included if we want to transport BW Formulae

1)      Program ID in Requests and Tasks – Program Id is part of the Object type.

          R3TR – name for Repository objects and Customizing objects

          LIMU – subobject of Repository objects
          LANG – language-specific part of object

2)      Object Type – An object is uniquely identified by its program ID (PGMID), object type and object name.

The SAP System differentiates between complete objects and their component sub objects.

  • Complete objects usually have an object directory entry, and can include sub objects that can be transported separately. Complete objects are indicated by the PGMID R3TR.
  • Sub objects do not have their own object directory entry. Subobjects have the PGMID LIMU.

Example which I have taken it from SAP system itself. 

The complete object R3TR PROG includes the following subobjects, among others:


Solution to fix this issue:

Now we have to add an object entry related to BW formulae in Object Directory Entry. So that It will fix the issue related to BW formulae transportation.

Steps to Follow:

     1) Go to SE03 transaction code

     2) Select Object Directory

     3) Select Change Object Directory Entries

     4) Add new entry R3TR & RSFO entry as shown in screen shot after 6th point.

     5) Please keep ready these elements prior to collect your transport request.

     6) If you have already collected the entry, then unlock it and recollect the transportable content in transport request i.e. BW Formulae after           you maintained the entry in Object Directory Entry. Now your problem will get resolved.

4. Create an Entry.png

Thank you.

Ravi K Chandragiri

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