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Author's profile photo Miguel Alfaro

ANST: a new tool to help customers help themselves

Can you imagine a new way to get support from SAP, without the need to search for notes in SMP or opening an incident because you can’t find a code correction for a specific error?

With this opened question we started our presentation on “Automated Note Search Tool” (ANST) during the ASUG Ontario Chapter last November. The reaction from the audience was “It sounds great!!”, and it really IS great.

As you may know, ANST is new approach to help out customer searching for notes and also for troubleshooting and root-cause analysis for of any SAP related issue within ABAP environments.

The fact you don’t have to identify keywords to do the search in SMP or double-check if you can or can’t implement a note, makes ANST a very powerful tool for our customers, saving them time and eliminating re-work.

If it won’t be enough, customer does not have to wait for an SAP Engineer to review and provide feedback about a known bug. Check out the following diagram for the complete work flow revolutionized by ANST:

Blog #2.png

The tool was not only for note searches but also about customer code and customizing tables and how following this simple process makes the difference, saving time and efforts they would have otherwise have to spend in an incident/message.

It was an amazing experience to get in touch with our customers and show them life demos where they can validate how this tool works and how their work (and life) can be easier. If you want to learn more about ANST please take a look at the following videos ANST @CRM and ANST @ECC.

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      Author's profile photo Kristen Scheffler
      Kristen Scheffler

      Great work and nice to see this being shown to customers in person and online.

      Thanks to all SAP Product Support employees who have been involved in making this tool possible!

      Author's profile photo Lloyd Goveia
      Lloyd Goveia

      Great post Miguel and thank you for sharing.

      The wheels are in motion!!..


      Author's profile photo Carlos Martinez Escribano
      Carlos Martinez Escribano

      Thank you Miguel Alfaro  for this article and the 2 new demos.

      One of the demos shows a CRM example. It has to be emphasized that ANST will particularly help CRM specialists, being CRM a so complex module, debugging becomes more difficult and so is finding SAP Correction notes. The other demo shows that ANST is not only for SAP Notes and in this case a piece of customer code was responsible for the issue. Errors at customer side may be caused by:

      1. Incorrect customizing -> ANST provides you with a list of customizing tables involved, classified by component.
      2. Bugs on SAP side. ANST searches for notes. This is the most known ANST feature.
      3. Customer code embebbed in a standard transaction You'll be provided with a list of badis etc...
      Author's profile photo Miguel Alfaro
      Miguel Alfaro
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Carlos,

      That is true, ANST is more than a Note Search's tool..

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      thank you for the very interesting, useful and helpful tool info.

      T code: anst_search_tool

      Author's profile photo Bernadette Fredericks
      Bernadette Fredericks

      Thanks Miguel...this will be a great help to everyone.

      Author's profile photo Ashley Chou
      Ashley Chou

      Thank you for sharing the very helpful tool, Miguel. It will save so much time for everyone.

      Author's profile photo Andrei Vishnevsky
      Andrei Vishnevsky

      It's very nice tool! Really like it!  Will definitely save time opposite to manual search of OSS notes. 🙂

      Just yesterday made it work on CRM 7.02 SP09.

      Actually, it was funny. Tried to search why it didn't work forr CRM WebUI at all ('Web trace was canceled by user' but I didn't). For that started 'ANST on ANST' recording. But it gave no result (or I failed to use it for the first time correctly; probably needed to dig deeper into 'Customizing tables' 😉 ). The very first hit in old school search on gave the result:1885730 - ANST: CRM Webclient trace cancelled.

      Also it'd be great if message ANST001 was more informative. With default example settings for instance.

      Author's profile photo Miguel Alfaro
      Miguel Alfaro
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Andrei,

      I'd like to hear ANST helped you. It is a powerful tool 🙂

      Author's profile photo Andrei Vishnevsky
      Andrei Vishnevsky

      It really did! Fixed some issue with broadcast messages in IC. And was really impressed by the tool!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for the sharing Miguel! Great video as examples and I truly believe this tool will help our customers tremendously.

      Author's profile photo Harish Kumar
      Harish Kumar

      Thanks Miguel Alfaro for sharing this helpul info and video.

      Author's profile photo Ashik Keshava
      Ashik Keshava

      Interesting, hope it makes both Customer and SAP's life easy to some extent 🙂

      Author's profile photo Christophe Sturzel
      Christophe Sturzel

      Hi Miguel,

      This tool is a great tool, no need to debug and it allows to find the root cause or source program of the issue. I would strongly advise anybody to use it.

      And it works on SAPGUI and WebUi.

      Thank you for this great tool

      Best regards - Christophe