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SCN Enhancement: My views

I would complete my five months of active participation in SCN by the end of this month. I cannot say that I’m a new member anymore. I thought to share my views, by writing this blog, about loyalty or awareness of new users. When I joined, I struggled to get out of moderator review system and it took good time to reach 30 points after which I was able to post my content directly. I went to my missions to earn points and badges to get out of it!!

I followed them, completed the given tasks and had to review them thoroughly as I wasn’t able to post anything and get involved with in community directly. It would be honest to say that I read everything because there was something (moderator review system) which kept me away and I got the time to read.

Time has past and today I can say, I do my best to follow the community rules. I still keep on reviewing the new content and any new rule introduced. But one thing which bothers me is now everyone, on the first day itself can earn good points and few badges by completing basic missions. But my question is: Are they actually reviewing the rules and following them. When I started writing this blog

The SCN Rules of Engagement already has 3357 Bookmarks, 896 Likes and 591 ratings (No comments though)

How to use SCN search has 943 Bookmarks, 935 Likes and 831 ratings.

Another one How to close a discussion and why is a wonderful blog and quite popular these days and also being referred to many places

These figure are quite impressive!! But do they reflect real picture?

3357 users, who bookmarked the rules, did actually review them. These 935 likes along with 831 ratings do actually search before posting?  I don’t think so.

I frequently come across very common queries, for which solution doesn’t exceed 30 words, in different forums. Yes, there could be exceptions as nobody is perfect and mistakes are part of human life. But exceptions do not exists in big numbers. We really need to think about it.

What is my intent behind sharing this?  It is just to keep this community healthy and best around the globe. It has brought many of us together, on a common platform to share our knowledge. We have learned so much through SCN and still learning by various mediums it gives. I have also seen several moderators always trying so hard to keep the community by rules and proper etiquette. They are good but this is not only their job. We all need to play a role here, to help them, to keep this community clean. What can we give it back and most importantly how ??

I feel that any mission shouldn’t be completed just by doing current tasks. I understand that they were sufficient during foundation of this community but everything changes with time. I strongly feel a need of an additional task. I’ll explain. In current missions, there should be a very small objective test to earn the badge.

e.g. Some one going for Rules of Engagement must be aware of ‘Be responsive’ thing. Sample Questions:

  • How to close a question? a. Correct b. Helpful c. Like
  • How to find quick solution? a. Post query, b. Search SCN
  • How to share an article, information? a. Document, b. Blog, c. Create thread.

Once correct, earn the badge. This would somehow improve the quality of missions and definitely spread awareness. I can bet that most of us like/rate a content because that is needed to complete initial missions and subsequently associated points and badges !!

I don’t say that these should be exact questions to ask because there are analytic persons to thinks about this, the better and effective questions. This would make members to abide the rules. This would also reduce the abuse reports for searchable queries, duplicate threads etc and further, moderator would not be needed to send DM or delete/lock such content.

Yes, there would always be people who would never go for missions and keep on posting the queries when stuck and go away without responding. But if this was to be given a thought, I don’t think founders would have actually started the missions at first place. They expect them to be followed and they need to be followed!!

And those figure have now changed to 3364 Bookmarks, 897 Likes and 593 ratings 😛

These are purely my views! I want to know what all SCNian out there got to share on this.


Nitin Jinagal

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  • In a perfect world, the rules of engagement would be adhered to and all members, new and old, would search before posting, close their open threads and select the right content type.

    Alas, this is not the case. Even if we found the best formula for ensuring members do the right thing, we'd probably scare away many members, new and old, with the high barrier to posting (e.g. make it too hard and lengthy to post a new discussion).

    I suppose that leaves it to members like you to lead by example and report abuses so that the dedicated team of passionate moderators can take action.

    ℹ Comments are turned off on The SCN Rules of Engagement to prevent redundant comments and prevent conversations from starting their.

    • Agreed !!

      I suppose that leaves it to members like you to lead by example and report abuses so that the dedicated team of passionate moderators can take action.

      I just wanted to express my views as I have read somewhere that reviewing abuse reports has become a headache for moderators so thought it might be helpful.

      You know the basics better along with all implications if something new is introduced.  As an active member here, I expressed what I have seen and thought what could be helpful.

      Thank you for sharing your views on this.


  • Idea is good as I can see those figures now changing to 3483 BM, 925 likes and 627 ratings when I am posting this comment.

    You have asked for our views, mine is to get ahead with this. If not, as Jason said that this may make it lengthy, then till this is not achieved, don't let users to post more than n queries.


  • Closing discussion is strongly needed for all freshers people...

    I can see there are many discussion is opened since 3-4 years..

    I don't think OP is still there to close the discussion...

    I hope it will be a better if space moderator has marked any answer as correct (If its there) or assume answer...

    • Yup Dev. And that's irritating. I never understand why a user post a query if there is no interest in following it. In QM itself, there are lot pending.

      You know what, I feel happy now when I see someone closing the thread 🙂

      I have seen discussions where moderators have shown their unwillingness to take over threads just because OP hasn't responded. Even I understand that its not an easy job and why should it be put on moderators.

      Else, someone might come and say "It took me six months to get results, why did someone close my query?"

      It is similar to quote "Be the change you want to see"

      • I agree with the last statement...

        In that case I hope moderator should not give any explanation to the user for the reason of closing discussion..

        And about not closing the discussion by OP..

        In a discussion, Jurgen Sir says that "The user receive a mail for all replies and he just take the correct answer from his email inbox, and then he never come in SCN to close this discussion"

        • Yes, that is quite possible. Many can use this function. Post a query once and keep looking for the solutions through emails. And trust me Dev, nothing can be done for such users. Only thing can be done, is restrict them. Restrict with limited options of creating thread. i.e. n. And this is in progress with SCN moderators, I guess.

          One thing, I believe, should also be there if option for max number of keeping open threads comes. Maintaining it level wise.

          1 for Glass, 3 for Aluminum, 10 for steel. 15 for bronze and further.

          This would be similar to those webs where you are supposed to do something on trial basis or demo basis. If you participate actively, earn it. This might work. Again Mods have to look after it.