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Today’s posting is more on how to measure performance., which is typically the starting point of performance measures.

One very simple way of doing is is the following key combination:



You press this when you are in the Start page of the transaction you want to measure:

Then a little are like this appears on the top right:


Now at every round trip (or user activity in more real-world words :->) you will see the runtime spent in the server and in the browser itself.

Here e.g. 4,5 seconds where spent in total of which 3s where spent on the server and 1,3 seconds in the browser itself for the rendering.


With the two little arrows you can see more details, e.g. this:


This gives you an first impression on if the performance bottleneck is in the server, the browser (e.g. old version of IE renders significatly slower) or in the network communication.

And from there you can go into more details, which will be described in a follow up posting.

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